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With only fifteen days until the King of Monsters hits the big screen again leaves the fans wondering. Are we getting a new series? With what they show in the trailers this could be the redemption we have been hoping for? Godzilla is bigger than previous versions, but still has that hint of the classic Godzilla. We will see an epic fight between Godzilla and the two new monsters. Also Godzilla will have the atomic breath. Unlike the 98' version, this will be an entirely different experience. One of the monsters Godzilla will fight is Muto, a winged creature with a space/future like appearance. The are rumors that it is Rodan in the most recent trailer. Let me clarify...that is not Rodan or Mothra. Now that we have that cleared up, back to business. Edwards stated that he has plans for a sequel, only if the movie does well enough for a sequel. With an idea of a Monster Island concept from Destroy All Monsters for a sequel, could we see some classic characters return for a reboot of the series?

That would really bring in the fans. Seeing the newer versions of Rodan, Minilla, Anguirus, Mothra. ect. Now, as said before, it could happen. Or maybe we see a different take on the series and not do any reboots? Anyway, we won't know for sure until the numbers come back for the first film. A story line I would like to see happen is....Godzilla returns to Monster Island where we see Rodan, Minilla, and the other creatures wondering about. Scientists are on a mission exploring the Island, when they stumble across a red gem and trigger the rock to explode, giving birth to King Ghidorah. Godzilla, along with the other monsters on the island fight the unknown enemy to protect the Island. Again its a story line I would like to see happen. Just because the film is getting closer and they revealed some more things in the trailers, people still have questions. Will the spikes glow when Godzilla uses his atomic breath? Will we see a hint of possible cameos from other monsters? We already saw the twins of the Mothra story appear in the trailers, why not more? Will Godzilla's son ever appear in the films if there are to make more? Only time will tell.

With the film released on the sixteenth of this month, are you excited about it or not? Do you have any ideas for the next film? Any monster you would like to see return? Comment below! Leave insults out.


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