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By now we all know DC has announced 11 movies in the works. Take it down to 10 because of Batman vs Superman being one of the movies. Take it down again to 9 for Justice League & announcing Synder as the director (I'm on the half-&-half of "is it a good idea to have Synder again"). And cut off 5 more for Sandman, Fables, 100 Bullets, Metal Men & Shazam. Now we are at 4 unknown movies. We do know that WB prez Kevin Tsujihara said that if Justice League was a success, we would hopefully get a, & I quote, The Batman (dumbest name for a Bat-reboot) & a Wonder Woman movie. The big question left is what are the final 4 movies? So, in this article I'm going to give my opinion on what the last 4 are. Let's start shall we?
Let's begin with one that definitely won't happen till after Justice League;

The likelihood of DC making an Aquaman movie is visible but sadly is slim. I think if DC does something similar to Arthur's New 52 origin, I think DC can make Aquaman the guy he is in the comics be the guy DC wants him to be, a badass. Not a fish-talker. The villain I want is Ocean Master for the first movie. Saving Black Manta for the sequel if it ever happens. Aquaman is one of those characters that needs to prove itself to the public.

The second movie in this list is one that a lot of people are gonna think "OH, HELL NO!" at first;

Yes, Green Lantern. Now, I know some of you are thinking that Green Lantern should just stay hidden in the dark, deserted hole that we put the movie in. But, hear me for a sec, I don't want Hal Jordan as the main Lantern. However, I do want Hal at least mentioned in the movie. The Lantern I'd have the movie focused on, you all know who it is;

John Stewart is the perfect Lantern for the DCCU. One of the big reasons I chose John is because he brings race diversity to the League. If that isn't a big enough indicator, I want John in the Justice League movie. And, no Martian Manhunter in the first JL movie! Sorry, to those who want him. The team I would use is the New 52 with some changes; Supes, Bats, Wonder Woman, Barry Allen, John Stewart, Cyborg & Supergirl. Now, here me out. Kara crash landed on Earth YEARS ago, remember? Now, if you think very carefully, at the beginning of MoS, the US Army goes to the arctic because of the government getting an electrical disturbance. Think about it. What made that disturbance? Wasn't Victor Stone! In BvS, we still have yet to find out why Diana Prince is in mans-world. What if Kara washed up on Themyscira in need of assistance? Tao Okamoto has been cast in BvS without a single indication of who she is playing. What if she is the Last Daughter of Krypton? "But Tao is Asian! She can't be Supergirl!" How 'bout you calm your man tits bro. Who said that Krypton was just white & black people, ya racist!? (That's a joke.) Think of it. And with the addition of Kara in the League, DC one-ups MARVEL with 2 female heroes & having the first leading black hero. Back to John Stewart. As for the villain, either Sinestro or Krona. I definitely want Atrocitus in this trilogy (IF IT HAPPENS! ).

Third, this movie has been in the works for a couple years now;

'Justice League Dark'; I don't think I need to talk too much about JLD. So, onto the last movie.

Forth, my wildcard choice for multiple reasons;

'Young Justice/Teen Titans'. You see why I said it's a wildcard? Now, I know a sh!t ton of you & more are dying for more Young Justice. The main reason I chose this particular property is because if DC got the balls to do a Metal Men movie, why not give a bigger comic title a movie? My team would be pretty simple; Nightwing (of course, team leader), Kid Flash (Wally West, not Bart Allen. Bart will forever be Impulse to me; comedy relief), Wondergirl (Cassandra Sandsmark, sorry Donna-fans but I like Cassie's story a little better), Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm not Garth, getting some race diversity) & Supergirl. Let me explain. How I would do it is at the end of JL, the League agrees to make a black ops-esque team the League can count on to do things they can't; appointing Dick & Kara as the leaders of the team. I feel the movie should be something like 'X-Men: First Class'; we have the 2 main members (Kara & Dick) looking for others to join the team. As for the villain? I'm thinking it should be the H.I.V.E./Fearsome Five; Jinx, Mammoth, Sabbac, Psimon & Gizmo. Jinx for Supergirl (Kryptonians weakness to magic), Mammoth for Nightwing (Pure power against a powerless human), Sabbac for Wondergirl (Fire power advancement on Sabbac's end of things), Psimon for Aqualad (Mind over matter, that is all) & Gizmo for Kid Flash (Technology verses powers, which is better?).

But now, the biggest question is what about the low-budget films DC announced awhile back? Booster Gold,


And Suicide Squad.

So, what about these 3? Could they be part of the Finale 4? Probably not. As much as it hurts me to say this, they probably won't happen. Oh, man, my heart hurts saying that. Like, come on, who doesn't want a movie featuring Harley Quinn (hopefully)? Or a movie based on a superhuman assassin? The Booster Gold movie I can live without but it was nice to hear that DC is willing to make a movie based on such a small character.

So, now tell me what you think of my semi-good list in the comments below!


What movie from this list do you want more?


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