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I'm very enthusiastic about movies, I love making short films and I hope one day I can make a theatrical release!
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Movies are part of pretty much everyone's lives these days, now you have Blu-ray and digital, whats next? A little chip? Some crazy HD thing that will make it even better of an experience? Well until then i'll stick DVD and the movies I have had an honor to watch and are my favorites, here they are!

10: Troy

In Brad Pitt's better days, he was in an amazing movie, that movie was Troy. A story based off Homer's The Illiad and was about the battle of Troy. This movie actually fits in with his long hair, he such an amazing actor and lately he is going downhill a little, I liked World War Z but it wasn't over the top great, but this was great, I like these kind of movies.

9: Olympus has Fallen

I loved this movie with a burning passion, even though its another attacking the White House movie, its still awesome, much better than White House Down, which had to many laughs to be taken seriously. Olympus Has Fallen is great, the name is even better, and here's my point of view on the story, Harvey Dent hires King Leonidas as his body guard, and God as his speaker dude. So fun.

7: American Psycho

I can never look at Batman again, this movie was just... Psycho. Christian Bale is a talented actor, right before he axed the guy in the head, the little dance of his was all him, nothing else, something he thought should have been added to make it seem like he enjoyed killing. I didn't know what I was expecting when I turned it on, now its on my list so it did good.

6: The Patriot

When Mel Gibson was doing amazing work on movies, he did Patriot. A story about the Revolutionary War and the movie that kind of made me not like Harry Potter anymore(I still watch them). The Patriot was fantastic and fun, it truly was a masterpiece.

5: Inception

If you know me then you know I love and admire Christopher Nolan's way of directing and his directing and how unique his movies are. Inception is no different, it his amazing and weird and fun, and the rare occasion where I like Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie.

4: Fast and Furious

This is to all of them, I love them all, especially the last 2, they're incredible. Once they added Dwayne Johnson it all changed and got more serious, he added the big muscular guy that only Vin Diesel could fight. All 6 movies are great and I cant wait for the 7th.

3: Lord of the Rings

This if for all 3, I love them, they are magical. I can watch these forever and ever and never get bored, Peter Jackson is one of my favorite directors and I cant wait for Hobbit 3 and seeing what its going to be like.

2: 300

SPARTA! Although this movie isn't historically accurate, its still one of the best movies ever to be made, Zack Snyder did an amazing job directing and Gerard Butler was muscle man over here as Leonidas. I watch this movie a lot and probably a little to much.

1: Star Wars

Gotta love that cheesy picture. I love every single Star Wars movie for different reasons, but each one is fantastic in its own way. I do admit the prequels were lacking but the originals lacked some things as well and I still love them all. I loved the story and how everything started and ended, I only ask that December of 2015 comes a lot sooner.

There's my list, I will be doing favorite soundtracks next. What are your favorite movies, comment below.


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