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Marvel Phase 2 is a-go. We've got Black Panther and Doctor Strange as the most talked about on the list. DC has other plans including the much anticipated Justice League movie and the Flash. There are going to be a lot of great superheroes hitting the big screen in the next few years. Of course, there are a few heroes who aren't being talked about. As a comic book reader, I've got a few that I want to hit the big screen. Whether they've already had featured roles in other films or have stuck to the books, these are my choices for comics that deserve their own movies.


Number 13

So, I'm going to guess you haven't heard of this one. In 2013, Dark Horse published a three issue miniseries about a post apocalyptic world. In it, there are two sub species of man. These would be the mutants, transformed by radiation, and the normal humans. They see the mutants as an illness and create 13 cyborgs to exterminate them. When the youngest and strongest loses his memory and is taken in by mutants, he starts fighting on their side. It's really just a fun comic. There are a lot of really cool ways that this could be put on film, depending on which director would head the project. My choice would be Matthew Vaughn to direct, because X Men First Class was just great.

The final issue of Number 13
The final issue of Number 13



Animal Man is a comic published by DC. It follows a superhero who is an actor, humanitarian, and dad. His power is that he has a connection to The Red, the place where all living things connect. He can connect with the Red to gain things like the speed of a cheetah or flight of an eagle. The old books were fun but the new books are just great. They follow his goal to protect his daughter, the chosen leader of the Red, from the Rot. They wish to destroy the Red and all living things. You can see the kind of imagery used in the picture above. I honestly think a superhero horror movie would be a cool little experiment and could create something really special. My director pick would be Guillermo Del Toro.



So, here's one that's already been cast. Of course,


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