ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

Everyone knows that the king of Mo-Cap is Andy Serkis, he not only gave us Gollum and King Kong, but he also gave us Caesar (a role I strongly think he should have been nominated for an Oscar) and he will be Godzilla (don’t know to what extent) and returning as Caesar. So when thinking of who to consider about advice and guidance for the mo-cap of our smasher avenger who else is better fitted than Serkis.

This is the news we got today when Ruffalo (Hulk) got asked to tell us something about his character in the upcoming movie, to which he answered that Andy Serkis was helping him with his mo-cap. I really really like these news, as you can tell I love Andy Serkis and his talent goes beyond being a master at motion capture, and to know that he is going to help with the movements and basically giving the performance that the Hulk needs on screen to be better than before makes me not only more excited about the sequel but also very excited to see what they achieve with the Hulk.


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