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So that's the question I pose to you. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the few who has thoroughly enjoyed the dark gritty remakes as of late i.e. Spider-Man, Batman, Total Recall, Robocop, etc. But should this one warrant a remake? I'll give you a rundown on the Quadrillogy that is Starship Troopers.

Caution: Spoilers!

First up, this cult classic needs no introduction. I know you've read how it was supposed to be a satirical film, and how Paul Verhoeven (director of the original Robocop and Starship Troopers and a few other favorites), didn't read all the source material for the movie, so the movie is nothing like the book but for some reason, we have enjoyed reliving the adventure with Johnny Rico, Carmen Ibanez, and Carl Jenkins. There's not much back story to this series, you're thrown directly into the action, and for some reason, never question why we're fighting over sized aggressive arthropods to begin with.

But with no back story, you get big guns, explosions and Verhoeven-esque gore. Casper Van Dien plays Johnny Rico, a guy fresh out of high school who joined the military, not for patriotic reasons but for a girl Carmen Ibanez, played by the beautiful Denise Richards who joined the military to become a pilot. That's where the journey starts. Lots of ammunition, explosions and gore later, Rico has become a hardened veteran of warfare. Though the acting could have used some work, and writing could have been better, this movie is a favorite of many.

Next up, the biggest disappointment in the franchise, in my opinion. Again you're thrown into the action without ever being given an answer as to why we are where we are, they attempted to build a back story but honestly, failed miserably. The film was extremely low budget and a direct to video sequel. I was so excited to hear they made a 2nd one, but when I watched it, I was disappointed that it didn't have anything to do with the original cast. The story line had potential, but the writing and acting were horrible.

In this "sequel by name only" travesty, you're in an outpost with a hero of the Federation, who's under court marshal. Though the director, Phil Tippet, tried to keep it interesting by throwing a couple of twists in there, it wasn't quite what we'd expected from a sequel for this franchise. Personally I wouldn't waste the time watching this one, as it left so much to be desired in terms of satisfaction or closure.

Now, in my opinion, this one wasn't too bad for a direct to video sequel. Had some decent action sequences and at least one of the characters from the original returned. It had potential to be better than it was, if they would have gotten most of the main cast back together, Dien, Richards, Harris and Busey, it would have been much better. That's part of what made the first one awesome, was the connection these four had to each other.

This one is more of a sequel to the first one than part 2 was. You get to return to the interplanetary conflict with Johnny Rico, who is sent on a rescue mission to save the psychic Sky marshal who has gone missing to make sure sensitive information doesn't wind up in the enemies claws. With new toys to play with and a promotion of the main character, this buffs away most of the tarnished reputation that was caused by the 2nd installment of the series. Too bad this happens way too often with sequels, the first is normally the best, the 2nd one is sub par and the 3rd one brings the series back to a respectable reputation.

A direct to video CGI sequel. For a movie done by CGI, this one wasn't half bad. Although none of the original cast lent their voices for this animated sequel, it does bring back 3 of the main characters, Rico, Ibanez and Jenkins. Though you realize that war has changed their friendship, they still talk to each other as though they are all ranked the same.

Jenkins commandeers Ibanez' ship for research and doesn't bother giving anyone a reason as to why. Rico orders a rescue mission when said ship goes quiet all the sudden. This movie is action packed from the start. With romantic banter, lots of ammo, more awesome toys to play with, this one is probably the 2nd best of the series. Since the character development of the main characters happened in the 1st one, not a whole lot of back story is required.

The reboot currently doesn't have a release date, BUT, is rumored to have gotten the green light and is supposed to be dark and gritty and more true to the source content. But what do you think? Should this get a reboot? or should Hollywood leave it alone?


Reboot or no?


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