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For a good portion of a year there has been a decent amount of buzz surrounding a practical adaptation of Tom Perrotta's (Election, Little Children) supernatural social drama novel 'The Leftovers'. The huge question is will it really be a true vision of a small towns inhabitants who are dealing with change, retaliation and acceptance after surviving a rapture like event that vanishes half the worlds population into thin air? Veteran director Peter Berg takes on the challenge of this decent into human desperation, who is slated for the two first episodes. As I'm sure we're trusting co-writer Damon Lindelof, the visionary behind the isolated drama LOST yet again probes the vision of people searching for answers out of their control. Lindelof and Berg thrusts into more darker corners with this metaphorical and distraught examination of modern desperation.

The survivors are played by Justin Theroux, Amy Brennman, Carrie Coon, Margaret Qualley (daugter of actress Andie MacDowell) and Liv Tyler who I can already tell you is going to surprise you in the end.

From viewing the eerie trailer HBO has pushed since the weekend, the excitement can't be contained. The one unusual element is the role of justin Theroux who plays town cop, Kevin Garvey. Garvey's character in the novel is mayor of Mapleton, the choice turn his role into a cop in. This adaptation might just be a interesting element. As also Perrotta is executive producer so I still think we're in good hands. Watch this haunting trailer coming to HBO June 29th at 10pm, and prepare to be lost again


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