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Now I assume I can talk about the movie, which honestly I was impressed with! It could have been better, sure! Let's look at the big picture, that villain overload thing that had people worried? IRRELEVANT! This movie captured both villains perfectly! (no I don't count Rhino, he was barely in it) So let's start with them!

Max Dillon aka Electo aka Sparkles. This character was one that was so incredibly enjoyable and I tip my hat to Jamie Foxx. He brought us a character that had ton of personality and people can so easily relate to. He, being the main villain, got most of the camera time, but not by much. Max was a guy who just wanted to feel wanted, and Spidey showed him that. Unfortunately, the police showed him a little too much attention after he fell into the pool of electric eels and caused mayhem in Times Square. Now we move on to later in the film where this next character makes him feel more wanted than ever.

Harry Osbourne shows up to see his dad die of a disease that is genetic. Soooooo with Norman teasing him about how he knows what's going to happen, Harry wants to stop it. Dad passes away and he takes over, learning about how to save his life. We even get the Felicia easter egg at this point!!! Well Peter Parker comes in for the reunion and they have a bro hangout session. Whoopty doo. Harry tells him about being shipped off to private schools and all that jazz. We see hostility in Harry later when he wants Peter to tell Spidey to give him blood because it may save his life. Well Spider-Man shows up to tell him know because it's not safe and we get the crybaby Harry Osbourne. He gets fired from his own company after being framed and breaks Max out of Ravencroft. The they go on the hunt for the spider.

Only complaint about the villains is that short fight scenes. Not very much of anything going on there. Oh well, epic while they lasted.

Let's get to the really good stuff, by that I mean the romance of course! I'm going to make this simple: Peter hallucinates and sees Gwen's dad everywhere, they break up, she wants to move to England, he says he'll go, fight scene, Gwen falls and passes away. We all saw it coming regardless if we wanted it to or not. Foreshadowing throughout the whole movie about that going down (no pun intended).

The best part of the whole thing may be in the mid credits scene, where they tease the X-Men.. Does this mean Fox and Sony are teaming up!? I sure hope so, along with nearly everyone else! This movie may be the beginning of a new era in superhero movies! Crossover bound baby!!!

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