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1. The Punisher (Possibly)

With the rights reverted back to Marvel & upcoming Netflix original TV shows like Daredevil & Heroes for Hire this would be the perfect time to completely reboot The Punisher franchise. I believe in order to do this character justice it would have to be rebooted through a TV Series and be much darker than Marvel is usually comfortable with.

The series could start with Frank Castle, a loving husband, father and Undercover cop is on a mission to take down the Mob. Much similar to the first Punisher film starring Thomas Jane (who in my opinion played a very good Frank Castle and I may be one of the few who actually enjoyed the film). It could last for the first season before his family is brutally murdered and he is left for dead. Giving time to make for great development of Frank Castle as a man & a person. At the same time this could also make for a much larger scale of villain development. Villains such as Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin, Hammerhead, Jigsaw, Howard Saint, & Bullseye to name a few.

As stated, with Marvel already working on Daredevil, what better way to expand the universe and give a much needed resurrection to the gritty vigilante known as The Punisher. It could be as simple as a cameo with Daredevil & Bullseye squaring off & and undercover cop comes to the aid of Matt Murdock. This could be the first time Frank Castle meets a Vigilante (i.e Daredevil) & could be where he gets his inspiration to become one himself when his family is murdered. After all Daredevil & The Punisher have crossed paths plenty of times and both have common villains.

All that would have to happen is Marvel would have to give the thumbs up on a dark TV series, cast someone like Jon Hamm or Jon Bernthal and watch is this TV series if left in the right hand can spark up a huge fan base for Frank Castle. Plus since he has no superhuman powers or anything like that, the budget wouldn't have to be so high and could very well work in favor for Marvel.

2. Spider-Man (Highly Unlikely)

Lets face it, with the Web Head smashing the box office every time it hits the big screen there is no way Sony would ever take a step back to make a TV series featuring your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. But it doesn't hurt to think about how huge & amazing a TV series like this would be.

Oliver Queen (The Green Arrow) was known to very few but DC fans until CW launched the hit TV show Arrow. But now kids are dressing up like Oliver Queen for Halloween. Spider-Man has always been one of the most loved superheroes of all time so the name alone would bring ratings in. Imagine a TV series that gives us 5-8 seasons of our favorite smart talking, geeky, charismatic superhero of all time. I mean in all honesty Peter Parker has a huge supporting cast ranging from, family members and their secrets, a long list of girlfriends, a bunch of people from his day job at the bugle to his illustrious list of Super villains.

There would be plenty of time to develop all of these infamous super villains that Spider-Man has that we may never see on screen. Villains like Shocker, Scorpion, Mysterio, Hammerhead, The Chameleon, and Tombstone just to name a few. How about a half a season involving the Alien Symbiote which leads to one of Spider-Mans greatest foes Venom! Now with a Venom movie spin-off in the works that may not be the route they would take, but even seeing Spidey go a few rounds Michael Morbius after their feud in class & their common love interest in Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat) would be worth it all.

1990 Animated Spider-Man tv series
1990 Animated Spider-Man tv series

Although this is very unlikely I'm sure you guys are understanding where I'm coming from and are probably wishing that we could see this. But with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters and the fact that I pre-ordered my IMAX ticket just so I don't have to wait in the huge line outside of the movie theaters sprinkled with the fact that A Sinister Six movie & Venom Movie & The Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4 lined up it doesn't look like we will be seeing the Web Head from the comfort of our couches anytime soon... Unless you're watching The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu Ray or the uhmm Sam Raimi Trilogy.... Yea nvm.. It just wont be happening anytime soon.

3. The X-Force (Unlikely)

The X-Force
The X-Force

Fox really hasn't done much justice to The X-Men franchise since the first two X-Men Films and those are over a decade old. I think it may be time to put our Adamantium claws away and look towards the future of the X-Men franchise. The truth is Hugh Jackman will be to old to play Logan soon & lets be honest, no one can top him as the X-Mens most popular bad ass. The rest of the X-Men cast has been really overshadowed by Wolverine since the Original X-Men movie back in 2000. I think Fox should take a different route instead of milking the Wolverine Cow (if wolverines and cows were one in the same and produced milk) & this time bring it to the small screen with The X-Force.

Now my best take on The X-Force would have to be based off the Fourth Installment, which featured Cable, Psylocke, Marrow & Fantomex. All four of these Mutants have never made a big screen debut and it would make for an amazing series involving lesser known members of The X-Men world (aside from Cable).

The TV series could have more of a black-ops squad vibe to it within the X-Force with an in-depth backstory and a huge villain pool to pull from. Some of the Villains The X-Force encountered were The BrotherHood of Mutants, The Immortal Externals, Stryfe & The Wise Cracking Mercenary known as Deadpool. This could also lead to a spin-off TV Series for fan favorite Deadpool.

He Approves do you?
He Approves do you?

Now there has been rumors of an X-Force movie to hit the big screen but with the Announcement of X-Men Apocalypse & A Third Wolverine Film I don't see the X-Force hitting theaters anytime soon. Now it may need a high budget in order to be done right, but seeing how Marvel is willing to Budget $200 Million on their Netflix shows I don't see why Fox wouldn't make the investment. With the right cast The X-Force could make for an outstanding TV show, although the chances of it actually happening are unlikely.


But What Do You Think? Which Marvel SuperHeroes would you like to see a TV Show Based on? Or should The Marvel Cinematic Universe stick to the big screen? Sound off Below!


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