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Mockingjay is the conclusion to the epic Hunger Games trilogy, and with two movies coming out this year and next, I decided to write five ways that the movies should differ from the book. Warning! There will be spoilers, so if you haven't read the book stay away!

Number 1: Cut down on Katniss' PTSD

I really hope they didn't make the movies into two parts just so they can show Katniss moping around for the first half of Part 1. I get that she's been through a lot, but it won't make for a very entertaining hour and a half.

Number 2: Haymitch's backstory

How Haymitch won the second quarter quell, or the 50th annual Hunger Games, didn't make it into Catching Fire, but with two movies now to make up for it, it has to be in Mocking Jay Part 1. It is so important in understanding him and how treacherous the Hunger Games are, even for the winner.

Number 3: Have Katniss kill President Snow

In the book, Katniss does not kill President Snow and you could not begin to imagine my disappointment. How about when she goes to execute Snow, she asks for two arrows in case she misses on her first try and voila! She can kill President Snow and President Coin! Much better than him choking on his blood off screen.

Number 4: Have Katniss go with the group to save Peeta

  Credit to Elfabella via Deviant Art
Credit to Elfabella via Deviant Art

Another disappointment was hearing about how Gale and a small group of soldiers went off to save Peeta from the capital second hand. In the movie they should have Katniss go with the group, killing any peacemaker or mutt that gets in her way with her trusty bow and arrow.

Number 5: More Johanna and more Effie Trinket!

Johanna, who is so perfectly portrayed by Jena Malone, has become a fan favorite after Catching Fire, but she doesn't show up too much in the third book. That needs to change in the movies. Same goes for Elizabeth Bank's character, Effie Trinket, who played such a big role in the first two movies. It would be a downright shame to shut her out except for a small appearance at the very end of part 2.


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