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Dean Cain was the highest profile face of Superman in the 90s, starring in the popular Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Recently though, he has spoken out against the superhero he formerly played in his latest incarnation: Man of Steel.

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Cain - who came out in support of Rick Perry in the 2012 presidential elections - said that there were two things in particular he thought the movie lacked:

The last incarnation of Superman was completely different than anything I did on Lois & Clark. It was kind of devoid of the two things that made our show special, which were humor and romance.

It didn’t have either of those. There was no humor and there was no real romance. I saw the movie they pushed. There’s no romance in there. I’m sorry

So who do you think is the better superman, the Lois & Clark version, or the one Henry Cavill played in Man of Steel? Watch the clips below and make up your mind.


Cavill will be coming back, of course, for the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman, so which Superman so you prefer? Write in in the comments with your choice and a reason why!

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Which is the best Superman?


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