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To many, Jon Snow is a curly-haired Night's Watchman who knows nothing and always looks like he's on the verge of crying. To British viewers, the name is synonymous with international affairs, colorful socks and a bad-ass attitude towards reading the news.

You see, Jon Snow is also a veteran newsreader for the UK's Channel 4 news - he's a real class act who is particularly known for his combative interviewing style and stylish coordination of his socks and neck-ties. Basically, if the world was ending, you'd want to hear it from this guy, and unlike his Wildling-slaying name-sake, Jon Snow certainly does not know nothing and neither is a bastard of Winterfell (as far as I know).

Ever since Game of Thrones introduced the character of Jon Snow, British viewers everywhere have been waiting for a meeting between Snow (the real one) and Game of Thrones' actor, Kit Harrington. Finally, our dreams have been answered in a new interview in which Harrington tries to market his new movie Pompeii. Luckily, the interview soon moves onto more interesting things, like the fact they're both called Jon Snow. Check out the interview below:

I understand that to our US readers, this meeting isn't exactly breaking news, however to us Brits it's the culmination of several years of un-repressed desire. It's basically the same as Walter Cronkite meeting an actor who plays a famous television character also named Walter Cronkite. Don't tell me you wouldn't be excited about that?

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Source: Channel 4 News


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