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Katy Perry's love life is busier than the left swipe on my Tinder account, and now she is rumored to have tossed Jared Leto and Robert Pattinson onto the scrap heap in favor of DJ Diplo!

Although it has been reported that Perry was plotting to incubate the spawn of Pattinson in an unconventional pregnancy agreement AND being totally hit on by Jared Leto at Coachella, it seems she has snapped up an entirely different lover. And, his Mum is in on it so it must be true!

Diplo reportedly swooped in and stole Perry's heart at Coachella despite the tough competition from two of Hollywood's most high profile hunks. And, it wasn't just a flash in the pan.

The pair have since been spotted at the [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) after party in New York City and Diplo (real name Thomas Pentz) has even had a heart-to-heart with his dad about his "new girlfriend" according to Radar Online.

The online magazine spoke exclusively to Diplo's mom, Barbara Pentz and she had plenty to say about her son's new love. She explained that Diplo;

Hasn't mentioned bringing her home to mama just yet. But I think he would before it gets serious. Of course, she’s got to be grilled by the mom!

I guess when you are the mom of one of the world's highest earning DJs, you aren't inclined to give other celebs special treatment, you go mama Pentz!

Diplo's mom is also keeping it real with her predictions for the future of the budding romance though. She said;

I don’t think it’s a big deal right now. I don’t think they’ll be wedding bells yet. They’re both doing their own things right now and on opposite coasts. He doesn't seem to be making a big deal about it

Hmmm, this is a tough one to call! Could Katy Perry really be dating Diplo or did Mrs Pentz hit the nail on the head when she said;

I wondered if it was a publicity stunt. It did occur to me. They both do like the cameras

That is one savvy mama! Maybe she should be in the driving seat at a gossip rags instead the usual unscrupulous hacks...

Do you think that Katy Perry is dating Diplo, or are Jared Leto and Robert Pattinson still in the running?


Katy Perry should date...

(Source: Classicalite and Radar Online)

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