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Now KStew can't even have friends of her own gender without whipping up the dating rumors. Star Magazine has recently reported that Kristen Stewart is in a same sex relationship with her close friend Alicia Cargile, but is it true?

Predictably, the answer is no. Despite claims that the [Still Alice](movie:1168550) star has been indulging in some public sapphic face sucking with the 24-year-old visual effects producer, Stewart laughs in the face of the claims.

Showbiz Spy is reporting that KStew is "thoroughly amused" about the outlandish claims about her sexuality and that;

Kristen couldn't stop laughing when she saw the reports she's in a lesbian relationship with Alicia

Anonymous source number 285,086 then went on to clarify that Kristen ain't no bigoted homophobe by explaining that the star said;

If I was a lesbian, I wouldn't hide it – it's nothing to be ashamed of! Alicia and I are just good friends! That's all

It was also reported that Stewart and Cargile have been having an absolute ball chortling at the baseless gossip surrounding them. The sneaky source revealed that;

Kristen and Alicia have been having a good giggle

I cannot get enough of the mental image of Kristen and Alicia trawling google and reading each other the most hilariously outlandish quotes while periodically almost choking to death on pizza and laughter.

If I was Stewart I would cling onto this rumor for dear life. Maybe get in on some hand holding with Cargile on the way to lunch, indulge in continental double cheek kisses as a greeting and whip the press into a impotent frenzy.

I mean, Stewart is going the be at the center of a dating rumor storm until she shacks up with someone new, so she might as well have some fun with her best friend at the same time!

Do you think that Alicia Cargile and Kristen Stewart are more than good friends, or is this all just baseless rumors?


Will Kristen Stewart ever escape the dating rumors?

(Source: International Business Times via Showbiz Spy and Star Magazine)

(Images: Tumblr and Oh No They Didn't)


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