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Today, we have a look at the first photo from the latest to give young adult film adaptations a go - a movie based on Lauren Kate's book series Fallen.

Some familiar formula traits are found here - an ashen, hesitant teenage girl is sent away to a penal institution where she becomes torn between the love of two good-looking young guys who happen to be supernatural beings... Normal.

Check out the first look photo and see what you think:

Who could blame Luce for being caught in such a predicament?

From the synopsis:

Luce Price (Addison Timlin) always had the feeling that dark shadows were stalking her her. After barely surviving a fire, for which she is suspected to be the guilty party, the seventeen-year-old girl is sent to an old boarding school, called Swords and Cross. There she meets and immediately falls for the mysterious Daniel Grigori. But Daniel has a dark secret: He is a fallen angel, cursed for having chosen love over God…

Will you be checking out Fallen? Are you psyched for these YA adaptations, or dreading them with every fiber of your being? Join the conversation and let me know.

Fallen arrives in theaters in 2015.

(Source: ComingSoon)


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