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Joss Whedon might be known as the uber-geek who delivers The Avengers franchise, but when he's not doing that or answering questions about when Firefly is going to return, he makes time to write less-known indie movies.

Take for example, [In Your Eyes](movie:360991), a new supernatural romance which recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film centers on a love story between a sheltered wife on the East coast and an ex-con in New Mexico. For reasons currently unknown, both share a physic connection with the other - basically they've got a direct, hands-free telephone line installed in their heads. Watch the new trailer for the flick below:

Sure, it's a bit sappy and features the usual kind of kooky, cliche, happy music that exists on ALL romantic movie trailers, but the concept could make for something more interesting than the usual boy-meets-girl story.

Did you like the look of it? Well, the good thing is you can now watch the entire thing on Vimeo. Head over to here for that, and let us know what you thought of the trailer below.

Source: IndieWire


What is your favorite non-Avengers Whedon written movie?


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