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Godzilla has stomped into selected previews and now we've got our first detailed reactions of the Gareth Edwards helmed reboot.

From the sounds of things, [Godzilla](movie:45291) will only have limited screen time, despite his name being splattered all over the poster. It looks like Edwards has taken inspiration from horror classic like Jaws and Alien to build up tension before delivering the monstrous money-shot.

Vulture is one of the first outlets to deliver an in-depth review. Regarding this above point, they stated:

This reboot, then, is the sort of exercise in anticipation that recalls movies like Jaws, Alien, and Jurassic Park, and Edwards said it was the latter film in particular — which, like Godzilla, holds back the big Tyrannosaurus Rex reveal until an hour has passed — that served as his primary touchstone in several ways. “Jurassic Park has thirty visual effects shots in it, and it’s one of the classics,” he noted, explaining his judicious approach to CGI.

Meanwhile a member of delivered a more enthused, spoilery, but less coherent review of the film. Read it below, but once again, beware of spoilers:

This film was f**king monumentally awesome! I wanted to write a bad review just to piss off Aspie but I can't. First things first the serious tone of this movie works incredibly well. It's not so serious that you can't have fun, the fun is all with GODZILLA. They nailed his character. He's intelligent, badass and above all scary. He's terrifying and yet you're on his side to kick the MUTOs arse. He's massive, and his ridiculous size is totally believable: every step, every roar, every movement carries so much weight. His roar is sooo loud, I was watching this in a screen with a Dolby sound system and it shook the room, literally. if this doesn't win an Oscar for sound design I'll be surprised! It was like the first time you heard Jurassic Park. I could cream more over how amazingly well they nailed the G but I think that sums it up. They nailed Godzilla. Oh and his atomic breath...I needed new under wear.

Personally, I think this a good way of re-delivering Godzilla. I wanted an intelligent and cerebral monster-disaster flick, not another CGI fest designed to beat the viewer into submission with gratuitous digital eye-candy. But that's just me.

What do you think? How do these first reviews make you feel? Let us know below.


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