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Not satisfied with bringing the Independence Day franchise back with a shiny new sequel, Roland Emmerich seems set to remake Mel Gibson's Apocalypto.

Well, not quite.

He has, however, bought the rights to John Coe Robbins' novel Maya Lord, which plays out a little like Apocalypto crossed with Game of Thrones.

It's the story of two shipwrecked Spaniards, Gonzalo and Jeronimo, as they take very different approaches to their arrival in the midst of the Mayan world, and Ix Zazil, a Mayan chieftain's daughter who is strangely drawn to Gonzalo. It's even based on actual events, particularly those surrounding the arrival of Hernan Cortes in Mexico and the eventual war between the Maya and the conquistadors.

All of which sounds like a very old fashioned sort of action movie - it's central conflict between the faith of Jeronimo and the pragmatism of Gonzalo is the sort of thing Charlton Heston or Kirk Douglas would have taken on in the 1950s. Done right, though, and it could be something really interesting.

What do you guys think? Will Emmerich make Maya Lord into something great? Let me know below!


Will Roland Emmerich manage to bring the Maya to the big screen successfully?



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