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Not content to scheme for control of Washington in House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has set his sights on taking control of the whole world.

Or, at least, his alter-ego in the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, has.

Spacey is set to star in the surefire hit game, arriving November 4, 2014, and channels his inner Frank Underwood to play a megalomaniac leader of a private military corporation as he launches an attack on the United States.

You can check it out below:

So far, so anti-democratic and angry, then. The character fits neatly into the long tradition of totalitarian businessmen villains that have come before him, it would seem. It's an astonishing piece of CGI rendering, though - CGISpacey looks almost real - and the game promises the same sort of bullet-flying action that the series has built it's reputation upon - this time with added Spacey.

And because one dose of CGISpacey is never enough, there's a quick dose of bonus, Spacey-fied Teaser Trailer below:

What do you guys think? Does Spacey's CGI appearance look great, or just terrifying? Let me know below!


CGISpacey? Cool, or creepy?

via The Independent


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