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(quick warning, this article was written directly after the midnight premier of Amazing Spider Man 2 so it is my genuine reaction and opinion at that time, and is not the same opinion of the movie currently)


I thought this movie lived up to its title, it was amazing.

First, one of the least important components, is the graphics. They were phenomenal as usual, they had some difficult material to work with, Electro and his abilities.

The second some of the traits of the movie, were great in all aspects accept two. Spider Man's outfit, but I didn't mind it during the movie. In the first Amazing Spider Man, he had a slightly new look, no belt, multicolored gloves, and the cool gold eye pieces. The second trait I didn't like was Rhino. He was only in it for four minutes, that should be understandable. He was in a Transformer-esque exoskeleton, that fired missiles and had turrets. In the comics he was different. The portrayal in the Amazing Spider Man video game, was much better, explained with the cross species route again.

Thirdly, the characters. All were portrayed amazingly as the characters were written.

Fourthly, the story. In a two and a half hour movie, you will want to have a very compelling story all the way through. This movie did, the beginning with the emotional problems with Gwen, the middle where she decides to go to England, and Electro is just being introduced, AND his father having been accused of greed among other things. The end section with the final Electro battle, and the battle with Green Goblin.

Earlier in the movie there were many sweet moments between Gwen and Peter, them getting ice cream in the evening time. Peter having a hilarious emotional breakdown right in front of an oxford secretary, then pretends to be a professor. Then later rights "I Love You" on a bridge with webbing. At one point they were hiding from cops in a very "cliche hiding place" (Peter's words) the closet, which leads Peter to kiss her, then as she runs to the elevator, he distracts the cops in one of the coolest sequences of the movie. He spills coffee on the head guy, drips the coffee back into the cup, secretly tying the guys shoes, throws the coffee at another guy, trips the third into a cart that rolled into his way, and then lets the head guy continue, and he trips onto the floor.

Easter eggs, let's talk easter eggs. Most were revealed in the trailer, the Eddie Brock name on the Oscorp list, the Doc Ock and Vulture tech. One that I actually caught in Harry's office, was what looked like Tritium, the radioactive element Doc Ock was obsessed with in Spider Man 2. Another I caught was actually in a behind the scenes feature that happened before the movie, the display past Doc Ock's tentacles was shown. I thought it looked like some crazy blob think, silver-ish black in color. It reminded me of the Gravitonium in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It also bore similarities to the Symbiote. In the recently announced Sinister Six spinoff there maybe Venom, Lizard, Rhino, Electro, Vulture, and Doc Ock. Oh and who can't get enough of Stan Lee. He was in the seats at the graduation, and when Peter ran up, he said "I think I know him".

There was only one Mid-Credits scene, which was a little more like a teaser for get ready, the X-Men Days of Future Past. It is such a mind-f*** to be sitting there watching Amazing Spider Man 2, hoping someday he will be on Disney's Avengers, then suddenly Fox's X-Men pops up and says hello. Awesome, but WTF?! That's just so weird. It is also annoying to me when they use a teaser trailer for an after credits scene, in Captain America First Avenger for the Avengers, and in Amazing Spider Man 2 for X-Men Days of Future Past.

One thing I was a little disappointed in, was that they didn't secretly hire someone as MJ, and had her sneak into an Post-Credit scene, her and Peter at college, and she sees him and says something like "Hey there Tiger, ready for class".

Oh and though Harry was knocked out, and put in Ravencroft, and Rhino was alive tell the credits rolled, Electro exploded. If you think I think he's dead you thought wrong. He was kinda doing that for a while, turning himself into pure electricity and simply zapping around, he probably ended up trapped in the city's power grid or Oscorp's Hydro-Reactor thingy.

Also, B.J. Novak (The Office's Ryan Howard) playing Alistair Smythe, the son of the scientist who builds a bunch of robotic Spidey Slayers. In this he is a shallow douche bag, which B.J. seems to be very good at playing.

Third warning: Okay seriously if you haven't seen it stop now! STOP!

Then there was the unexpectedly emotional emotion grab at the end...RIP Gwen Stacy. They did the scene perfectly she is falling, Peter tries to save her, but the pull on the web snaps her back. At the moment, he is even against Green Goblin. The only differences were the location (a clock tower instead of a bridge) and the costume of the Green Goblin which was devilishly awesome, though different from the comics, but don't worry I won't go there too much. He mourns the death for months, even stopped being Spider Man, but when Norman Osborne reveals himself to be alive, and continues Harry's plan to create the Sinister Six, they recruit Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich to operate a Transformer-esque exoskeleton to cause havoc in time square. This, and watching Gwen's acceptance speech (which Peter missed) causes Peter to return to be Spider Man, saving a boy we met earlier who went into the middle of the scene bravely.

If you have any questions, comments, or any easter eggs I missed, leave a comment below. Please be respectful to all. Don't be a troll. Don't be a hater. I apologies if I ruined the movie for you but come on, I gave you three warnings


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