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I'm very enthusiastic about movies, I love making short films and I hope one day I can make a theatrical release!
Kyle Watkins

I love T.V. Shows, not many great ones these days but here are my top 5.

5: Firefly

A great Sci-fi series, to bad it was canceled. The show really should have gone on for much longer, it had the potential.

4: Friends

The 10 year series was amazing and heartwarming, I wish it could have gone on forever, the series was funny and fun and new and just something that many of the fans will never forget.

3: Breaking Bad

Not a super long series, but that series as amazing. Truly wonderful, Bryan Cranston is always fantastic and he is wonderful in this,(SPOILER ALERT) I was sad when he died at the end and Jesse just kept running.

2: Arrow

Almost finished with its 2nd season, this show has come a long way and it is brilliant. The characters they have brought in and what we will be seeing, its crazy, 2 more episodes left of the season.

1: The Walking Dead

I love Zombies, I love T.V., when they come together I get excited. The show just finished its 4th season and it ended with a bang, I love this show, I cant wait to see how it all ends.

What did you think? What are your favorite T.V. Shows? Comment below.


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