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Lullaby has finished shooting in August 2012. The indie drama features a cast of fine actors, Oscar nominees Richard Jenkins, Amy Adams and Terrence Howard among them. It features a time-proven formula of tear-jerkage (cancer!) and Garrett Hedlung looking extra-dreamy.

So why are on Earth are we only getting to see the movie on June 13, at least one year later than should be expected? The first trailer for the movie makes a compelling case for the answer: because it’s a schmltzy stinker!

Lullaby centers on Hedlund’s Jonathan who is reunited with his estranged, cancer-stricken father, played by the great Richard Jenkins. The latter wants his son to help him end his life.

If executed with a bit of restraint potentially very moving stuff.

The trailer however includes the following piece of dialogue:

“You don’t let anybody in.”
“Into what?”
“Into Your Heart.”

If they put that in the trailer, what are they not showing us?!

For more cringe-worthiness watch the trailer below:


This Lullaby made me cry because...


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