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Where oh where does James Franco find the time? Amongst the list of projects attached to his name, the Freaks and Geeks star turned divisive renaissance man has managed to write and publish a series of short stories. Now Gia Coppola (sister of Sofia, granddaughter of Francis) has taken Franco's stories to the big screen. It's called Palo Alto, it stars Franco himself and Emma Roberts. A trailer just landed. Check it below:

This is Coppola's first feature as director and it looks like a solid, sexy piece of work. There's a beautiful melancholic tone, the color palette is simply stunning and Dev Hynes' (of Blood Orange and Test Icicles fame) score sounds majestic too.

Word has been strong so far so we'll be tentatively excited leading up to the May 9th release. Will you be heading to this one? Let us know below.


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