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Really take a second look at the picture above. Hugh Jackman is The Wolverine! Sometimes I forget he's even acting because of how well he plays the character.

When I first heard that Hugh Jackman was cast as Logan back in 2000, I didn't know what to expect. All I could say was, "The guy from swordfish?" But fourteen years later I am still amazed at how well he owned the character. Of all the actors who’ve made their name playing comic book superheroes, Hugh Jackman has stuck with his role the longest. During his now fourteen-year tenure as Wolverine, we’ve gone through two Spider-Men, two Supermen, three Incredible Hulks, and two entirely different sets of (non-Wolverine) X-Men.

However, there’s only so long a mortal man can play an ageless mutant, and Jackman is well aware of that fact. In a recent interview, the actor said that although he hadn’t tired of the character yet, it was “inevitable” that Wolverine would be recast someday.Most of Jackman’s co-stars from the original X-Men trilogy were replaced in X-Men: First Class by younger actors. Jackman, as the ageless Wolverine, was the exception. But that doesn’t mean recasting was never a possibility, he cautions.

“I’m sure they had the discussion,” he told IGN. “They didn’t mention it to me, obviously!” And although he may have dodged the axe that time, he’s sure his day will come eventually.

But here is my take. Why recast The Wolverine? The chances of finding someone to fill those shoes are slim to none & could ruin the X-Men franchise for more than it has already been ruined. They can actually turn the tide with X-Men days of Future Past to release this month, and films like Apocalypse in the works. So instead of recasting James Howlett (yes I am still talking about Wolverine, thats his real name) why not kill him off?

Marvel is working on a story called "The Death Of The Wolverine" in which their plot is to kill of Marvel's unkillable mutant. If done right they could take the route of Old-man Logan a story most fans would love to see & give Wolverine an Honorable Death. It would be like Watching Spartacus season 4 all over if only Andy Whitfield was still alive to play Spartacus and got his honorable death. Wouldn't fans be able to respect that more? As oppose to having someone new come fill the shoes for two more films? This could then in turn allow Fox to take a new route with all The X-Men at their dispose & bring forth characters like Cable, Gambit, Deadpool, Fantomex, The Uncanny X-Men, X-Force and actually do something different.

But it doesn't seem like they will & chances are they plan on milking the Wolverine cow for as long as they can. One good thing to come from this is maybe them recasting Wolverine will ruin their franchise & hopefully revert the rights back to Marvel. So we can have The X-Men done right once & for all (with the exception of Wolverine of course. Although his stand alone films did flop). So what do you think? Sound off in the comment box below!


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