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The best science fiction not only entertains us, but also often serves as a mirror reflecting the complexity of the human experience - including what it means to love.

Presented below are five of sci-fi's top romances, and the valuable lessons we can learn from each of them.

5. John Sheridan And Delenn from Babylon 5

This highly regarded science fiction television series explored political intrigue, government corruption, and alien invasion set onboard the massive Babylon 5 space station in Earth's far future.

In the midst of this exciting backdrop, a tender romance blossomed between Earth hero John Sheridan and the regal Delenn, an ambassador from a highly advanced alien civilization.

Over the show's five-year run, viewers were allowed to see the relationship between Sheridan and Delenn organically develop from one of mutual respect to a mature, deep love.

Lesson: Respect, loyalty, and friendship are just as essential as passion in a successful relationship.

4. Neo And Trinity From The Matrix

In 1999, The Matrix quietly premiered in theaters across the globe to quickly become a cinematic phenomenon. The film spawned two sequels, earning billions of dollars at the box office.

The movies centered around the character of Neo, a messiah-like figure destined to free humanity from enslavement by its own creations. Trinity was his beautiful, intelligent lover who helped him discover his true purpose.

Lesson: We need partners who truly believe in us. Who support our potential for growth and achievement.

3. John Crichton And Aeryn Sun From Farscape

Farscape was the visionary series that chronicled the adventures of scientist/astronaut John Crichton, who is lost in the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

When John meets alien warrior Aeryn Sun, their relationship is very antagonistic. During the show's four-year run they developed a passionate, though very tumultuous romance hindered by their stubborn pride.

Lesson: Pride and ego can be enormous obstacles to any relationship.

2. Starbuck And Apollo From Battlestar Galactica (2004)

Battlestar Galactica was reimagined in 2004 into a dark, gritty human survival drama.

Lee "Apollo" Adama is the conflicted son of the commander of the last battlestar protecting the remnants of humanity. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace is the hot-shot viper pilot who is a perplexing mix of confidence and neurosis.

When Apollo and Starbuck meet, their toxic passion is fueled by self-loathing and misery.

Lesson: Romances can be both passionate and very unhealthy.

1. Princess Leia Organa And Han Solo From Star Wars

What more can be said about Star Wars? The original trilogy has secured a permanent place in our cultural zeitgeist.

The story of a galaxy "far, far away" has excited the imagination of fans for over 30 years. Central to this compelling space opera is the romance between the roguish smuggler Han Solo, and the courageous, defiant Princess Leia Organa.

Their attraction is one of opposites. However, their bond is a testament to the power of true love and commitment.

Lesson: Two people fully committed to each other make a formidable pair!


Which sci-fi couple do you think has the healthiest relationship?

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