ByChrista Faye Thompson, writer at
Christa Faye Thompson

What is going on, on the vampire diaries? We need stelena back. I see comments about Caroline and Stefan but i believe their relationship is more of a Lexi and Stefan thing. They are more very good friends. Damon does need a love interest but some one he can be him self with and not worry about all that relationship drama and changing him self. The show started out with Stefan and Elena why change that i am tired of all the back and forth with Damon and Stefan. The main reason i believe they got together this long is the sire thing also look how many time when she was human he compelled her saying he loved her and so much more and wouldn't just leave her and Stefan alone and let them be together. Tyler and Caroline are fine together if need be her and Klaus do their thing. PLEASE SAVE STELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!


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