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Nicolas Carmona

The long awaited sequel to the blockbuster finally came out and I got to say it was pretty damn awesome.

**Will Contain Spoilers** **NOT KIDDING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD**

I take it that you already saw the movie and or you don't mind about the spoilers in this review, so I shall get on it right now. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 does many many things well and I will touch on them later on, but first let me talk about my major issue and some nitpicks that I had through the movie. The movie has a problem with the pacing, I feel that it never finds the rate that it wanted to head, we get a lot of development but it's all very clustered or very toned down by the previous or following events and there is a little inconsistency with how all the stories mix together. The only saving grace for this is that the movie picks up the pace and the third act of the movie is pretty amazing; but that doesn't help the fact that we keep jumping from Electro to Harry over and over again and even though Harry is the main villain I feel that it was misguided that Electro was his main nemesis in this movie, or rather they couldn't make up their minds who was going to be Parker's biggest threat. A lot of people are complaining about too many villains and I didn't mind that, Rhino was there for the beginning and the end teasing his future in the franchise, and what Electro and Harry brought into the movie was really good, I just wished they had a clearer way to approach it. Now my little nitpicks are moments like the plane story that is going on during the blackout completely pointless and completely unrealistic (you mean to tell me that above a completely blackened city, you will not see a plane that has lights brighter than anything else around, completely dumb and it took me out of the movie for that moment) another issue I had was with Electro's clothing, he went from kind of naked to suddenly having shorts to then having a suit that completely mixes with his powers and that is not even addressed at all. Lastly Harry's sickness I felt that it affected him waaaay faster than it should have, we saw Norman all grown up and not showing any of the signs that Harry already had at half his age (yeah some logic can be put into the fact that he had been testing himself with things but that still doesn't answer why Harry was affected so fast).

Even though I might seem to be bashing too much on the villains, I got to say they were pretty amazing on their own account, Electro played by Jamie Fox was a misunderstood person that gained too much power and the way that his craziness was handled from the very beginning, like him talking to an imaginary Spidey, to you being able to hear multiple voices whenever he spoke as Electro, that was pretty amazing. However, out of the two villains, I have to give it to Harry and first I want to say that Dane Dehaan possibly gave some of the best acting moments in this movie, man that man has talent and his job as the green goblin was amazing, he steals every scene he is in. I didn't mind the fact that he became the globin before his dad, it doesn't have to follow canon; the way that Harry went from very charming and helpless to angry and terrifying are part of the reason why his character is so great. Not only both of these characters evolve from what we first see them but we can understand their motives, mainly Harry, his development not only stretched out to this movie but it will stretch out to future movies. The last action scenes of both of them against Spider-Man were pretty amazing and you can tell that not only they are now power hungry but also they are putting a lot of emotion into what they are doing, mainly destroying spider-man.

Speaking of emotion, this is another of the great things that the movie achieves, I would go far and say that the whole movie revolves around their emphasis with emotion. We have three main emotional stories that stretch through the movie, we have aunt Mary dealing with the loss of uncle Ben not only how it still affects her but how it still makes way into teaching Peter about his morality and even more about love. The other one that we have is Peter's parents and him learning the truth, some people might not find this small arc interesting but I really liked it because it plants more seeds for the future of the franchise and it gives closure to something Peter has been dealing since the first movie, and upon learning of what Oscorb did to their family and it makes it be the main antagonist in a way of the series. Lastly the most important emotional connection and story we have during the movie, the love between Peter and Gwen; they have a rocky start because Gwen's dad keeps appearing in front of Peter and from that moment on their story that concludes with the biggest impact and that is Gwen's death (that was heavily foreshadowed from the beginning, remember that speech Gwen gave, not only serves to inspire Peter but it also gives us a preview of what is going to come), not only we see how shattered Peter is after that but we see his mourning and eventually the change that causes in him.

This last story arc cannot be as important or as meaningful if it hadn't been for the great chemistry that Andrew and Emma have, this is the best thing of the movie. Seeing the interact when they are together, when they are not, when they are trying to save people, every single moment they are both on screen it gives this movie that special something. It just enhances each character, we got a really strong woman like Gwen that she does things on her own and she hates getting told what to do, even if it's Peter trying to keep her from harms way but we also see how far she is willing to go for him, all that attributes that mutual dependency and ability to work with each other; on the same hand we have Spider-Man, Peter Parker, but we need Gwen to keep him grounded and to bring out the best in him. Which is all more tragic Gwen's death, I am sure we didn't see much of the impact that it has on Peter at the end of the movie, but we did see the beginnings of it mainly inspiring hope (a constant theme of the movie) and protecting everything and everyone. Gwen's impact was great on peter during the movies, but her impact after death will be greater and will shape him to be the great hero that Spider-Man is and again all this couldn't have been done if it wasn't for the amazing chemistry that these two talented actors have.

Lastly to top it off the visuals were amazing! I highly recommend this movie to be seen in IMAX 3D because here we get the right use of 3D and IMAX, it expands the universe and it draws you into the movie. You not only feel that you are part of the movie emotionally but also physically, especially during the swinging scenes (mainly the first one) or the battle scenes; your body (or at least mine) feels like you are actually going right along with Spider-Man during every acrobatic moment. The skylines and cinematography are helped by this, we have some of the most beautiful sequences that just focus on the city and it just feels very real and very tangible. As expected the fighting scenes were a great improvement, but that wasn't the only improvement, not only we get to see (personally) why Andrew Garfield is a much superior Spider-Man than Toby, but his intellect is shown through the movie and his spider senses have developed greatly, it is amazing seeing him dodge bullets at such close range or him avoiding electricy sent at him in different angles; this is so far the best Spider-Man/Peter Parker (as a character) we have seen. Another thing the music, the score of the movie felt very heroic (and also very Christopher Reeve's Superman like), but it doesn't stop just there the use of Electro's voice, the way that music changes according to his mood, and during the fight when music is created by conducting electricity (and it plays itsy bitsy spider) was a really great touch.

On a side note, more for the easter egg/comic book geek side, it is great to see all the little hints; I probably missed some, but we have Peter whistling to the spider-man theme song (and also his ringtone), we also have J Jonah Jameson thrown in with some hilarious moments (also the comedy is great it perfectly balances what is going on but it also gives that special touch that only spider-man has regarding the way he interacts with everyone) and was I the only one that heard J K Simmon's voice in their heads during the "WRONG!!!" moment of the email. Felicia appeared, I was very surprised, I forgot about the rumors and the actress. Lastly we get the last scene with Harry regarding the creation of the Sinister Six and of course the end credits where we see that our line up will most likely be: Rhino, Green Goblin, Vulture, Octopus, and Mysterio (not 100% but I really hope it is). So even though I had a lot of problems with the pacing of the movie and certain choices made with the direction, the pros surpass the cons in this movie and I give it an 8/10 and I cannot wait to go see it again!


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