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Recently, Matt Carter posted an interesting article asking the question, "Will Daryl find Love?" This question has sparked many debates and speculations regarding romantic entanglements on The Walking Dead. There were many suggestions about possible "pairings" and romance in general, which prompts another question. "Is more romance needed on the show?" Lets face it, if they did a survey and asked the question, "Give a one word definition of The Walking Dead, I doubt very seriously the majority answer would be "romance." Although there were many suggestions regarding possible "pairings", there doesn't seem to be a clear winner in the "Couples We Would Like to See" department.

Even though there was no clear winner, there were a few overall favorites. Rick and Michonne, Daryl and Carol, Daryl and Beth, and Michonne and Tyreese topped the list, with Bob and Sasha, Tyreese and Carol, Rick and Carol and Daryl and Michonne close behind. There were the inevitable gay pairings, of course, and one bizarre, but hilarious pairing that suggested Daryl and Nervous Nellie. (I always wondered what happened to her). And to be honest, when one thinks of the zombie apocalypse, "romance" doesn't really come to mind. At least, it doesn't for me.

Before I give my thoughts regarding romance in Season 5, lets go over some of the past "romantic pairings" thus far in The Walking Dead. Although romance certainly wasn't in the forefront of the show, I felt it played an important part in the overall story arc and character development.

1. Rick and Lori: A complicated relationship and a marriage teetering on the brink of disaster. Although there was obvious love between them, I felt that Rick's love for her was deeper and Carl was the one bond that was keeping them together. Lori's biggest problem with Rick was that he refused to argue with her, which, I think, confused Rick to no end. And then, there was Shane. I still hold on to the theory that Shane and Lori were either fooling around or thinking about fooling around before the zombie apocalypse.

2. Shane and Lori: *See the above Shane and Lori theory.

3. Andrea and The Governor: Who didn't see this relationship coming from a mile away? Andrea eventually saw her error in judgement, but far too late. I always felt the Governor looked at Andrea as a possible Queen to his King.

4. Andrea and Shane: Can't really classify this as a "romantic relationship", but felt it deserved mentioning. This was simply a one time, adrenaline-charged, pent-up lust between two needy people.

5. Glen and Maggie: I like the way this relationship progressed. Even with what was all going on, there seemed to be an instant attraction between these two. They were like two madly in love teenagers with a disapproving Father. Personally, I would like to see them have a son and name him either Hershel Jr. or Dale Jr.

In closing, here are my thoughts regarding the "romance" department for Season 5:

Rick and Michonne: I don't really see this happening for a number of reasons. (1.) Rick, Michonne and Carl are already a "family", with Michonne clearly taking on the role of Carl's sister, confidant and friend. I feel there might be problems if "Stepmom" was thrown into the mix. (2.) Romance for Rick is a double-edged sword. His plate looks pretty full right now and a romance would raise the question......Would it make him stronger or weaker?

For me, a more realistic pairing would be Carl and Beth, especially if you are talking about the future of mankind. And lets be honest....Daryl and Carol have had a relationship for 2 seasons. It just hasn't been consummated. Anyways, its anybody's guess what Kirkman and company have in store for us in the romantic department.

Overall, I feel it is important that personal relationships, be it romantic or otherwise, should play an important role in the overall story arc. This is a key factor in helping these people maintain their humanity, and if they lose that, then they will be truly lost.

What say you, Dead-Heads?


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