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Netflix and Marvel have signed a deal to produce some shows. That's cool, I guess. We've known this since the summer. Wait, what? They're making one for Daredevil? This is now the coolest thing ever. The Daredevil movie was just so mediocre that I don't know why anybody hasn't tried to redo it yet. He's one of my favorite superheroes ever and deserves a really great adaptation. Of course, this means one thing. Casting speculations. As I said, this news has been out for months now, so I'm not the first to speculate. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't. So, let's get started.



Sorry if the picture sizes are off. My computer is weird so I hope it's not a big problem. So, Matthew Goode. He's played a superhero in the Watchmen movie (which I really liked) and he can play mysterious pretty well. It's actually become a thing of his. Even when he's playing a good guy, there's an eeriness to his performance. That's a good quality in Daredevil. Hopefully, the TV show takes the noir style that I think he and the stories would strive in.



Why did I pick this relatively unknown actor? Well, he hasn't been in many big movies but you can be sure as hell that every boy under 25 and over 9 has heard this guy's voice in the past year. Yes, he is the voice actor who portrayed GTA V's infamous Trevor Phillips. They even modeled the character after him. Take a look at that picture and tell me that the resemblance isn't obvious. But, enough about that. Back to why I cast him. Bullseye is a calculating hit man but he is also a bit of a nut job. Ogg has shown he can do that pretty well. I'm not saying that it's good to always typecast but it is good to do what you're good at and he is really good at this.



Elektra is like the Catwoman of the Daredevil comics. She has an on again off again relationship with him that changes due to the writer of the comics. Writing love interests for this show will prove to be a hassle considering the fact that Daredevil has had many and almost all end up dead. This is the tragedy. Everyone he is involved with is hurt, the exception being his best friend, Foggy Nelson. Elektra is a mercenary who rivals (and occasionally beats) Daredevil. Keira Knightley has the two sides that an actress needs for Elektra. The calm and human side that we saw in Pride and Prejudice and the fighter that we saw in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.



Foggy Nelson is Matt's friend from college who opens a law firm with him as a partner. He does not know Matt's secret identity. Foggy's character varies from writer to writer. Sometimes, he is just a normal guy and, other times, he is the comic relief. If I had my way, Foggy would be a much more of an awkward partner who worked equally on the business but let Matt handle everything with the people. I have never seen Thomas Middleditch as a character who isn't awkward...extremely awkward. There is an age difference between him and Goode but I think it would be very fitting for the relationship.



This was a hard choice for me. Yoo has not done to much to show physical skill but he is still a good actor. Playing a superhero takes training so he doesn't have to be buff before he even gets cast. Iron Fist's name is Danny Rand-K'ai. His father was a wealthy man who discovered a mysterious island when he was young. After leaving the island and starting a family, he took his family on a trip to seek out the city once more. While on a mountain, he and, everybody besides Danny and a man who would later be one of Fist's villains, plunged to their deaths. Danny was deserted and found by the villagers they were looking for in the first place. He was then given power by them and trained to go home and fight as Iron Fist. He moved to New York and has fought crime with many of Marvel's A-listers. He eventually became a friend of Daredevil's and, in my opinion, they bring out the best in each other. The character is also getting his own Netflix show. One movie that Yoo was in is 21. I really think that it is under appreciated and, even though he doesn't have a huge role, he's pretty good when he has something to work with.

So that's a short cast of who I believe should be in the Daredevil TV show. Sorry that I left out Kingpin but I think he'll be in the Spiderman movieverse pretty soon so I just left him alone. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to see them in the comments below.


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