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One of my favorite Facebook pages post the most glorious things of the golden years of Hollywood. One of my latest obsessions is with continuity photos of the set of The Addams Family tv series.

Running from 1964 to 1966, The Addams Family was a quaint 60s era look at a "blissfully macabre family." Normal things like tending poisonous plants, and picnicking in graveyards, and collecting creepy things (what, you don't do those things?) is wildly shocking and hilarious when viewed through the lens of properly proper 1960s America.

The best part about this show, even now, is the Addams mansion - take a look at these amazing photographs of what the sets would look like if the show were colorized! Black and white film reads color differently - and achieving the right shade of grey takes some crazy color work when it comes to set dressing!

Morticia: Why, thank you, Thing!
Morticia: Why, thank you, Thing!

(Source: Decaying Hollywood Mansions)


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