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Andrew Garfield, the current Cinematic Peter Parker, stirred some controversy when he talked about possibly passing the torch to the Miles Morales Spider-Man - from Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man series - after likely ending his turn as Peter Parker when "Amazing Spider-Man 3" wraps up.

However, during an interview with me (some of which appeared in the "Philadelphia Daily News" Friday), current Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso said he could "easily" could see a Spider-Man movie starring Miles Morales someday.

"As someone who has absolutely no input what I'd like to say is, 'Yeah! I could easily see it happening" , Alonso stated. "I'm excited by the prospect of seeing the world's most recognizable superhero peel back the mask and show a new face."

"What a statement that would make and how inclusive that would be - and I don't think I'm alone!"

Alonso says the Miles Morales Spider-man holds a special place in his heart and then recalled the impetus for the character.

"Well, we had discussed the idea of an African-American Spider-Man years before we pulled the trigger in 'Ultimate Spider-Man'," revealed Alonso. "But having an idea for a character and having a character are two different things."

"What happened is we were having a Fall Retreat - the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' Retreat - and we were talking about a story that was getting shaped in the room", Alonso continued. "As the story was being shaped by the writers and editors, we realized - and no one more than Brian Bendis - that this story had to end with Peter (Parker)'s death and sacrifice."

"This is what it's about and that story ended up being titled, 'The Death of Spider-Man', because it was about seeing Spider-Man finally...die in combat", said Alonso. "Finally give it his all and have it be enough to win but not enough not to lose."

"It was a hard conclusion, but one that we came to", says Alonso. "Of course, once you've made the decision that you're going to kill Peter Parker, the next question is, 'Well, then, who's going to going to be Spider-Man? That's when we had to revisit the idea of an African-American Spider-Man."

"It was in those conversations where Brian said", 'Well, why stop there?' and suggested that our character be half African-American and half Hispanic", says Alonso. "I, myself, being Hispanic needed no prodding on that."

"The idea of a superhero with a lot of vowels in the name was very appealing to me - and Miles Morales was born", Alonso continues. "A character who was initially greeted with with a lot of skepticism and yelling and very quickly was embraced by the fans and accepted as the new Spider-Man - in the Ultimate Universe."

"So yeah, I can see it ( a film with Miles Morales as Spider-Man) happening", Alonso concludes. "I welcome the day that it did happen."


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