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Mikela “mKrazie1216” Turner

Most of us know and love Spider-man. If you were like me, you lived and breathed Spider-man as a kid, even if you were a girl. So I wasn't the typical barbie-doll playing, self-proclaimed princess loving girl. I liked Spider-man! So you can imagine my nostalgic excitement when I hear that they were actually going to make a live action film of Spider-man. Dream come true for this girl. At least until I wasted 20 bucks to see it in theaters. What a disappointment!

First off let me start off by saying, TOBY-FREAKING- MAGUIRE???? What the actual heck was Sam Raimi thinking?? I got so much to say about him that I could seriously do a whole other article on this. But that is another day. Secondly, KIRSTEN-FREAKING-DUNST??? Look, she is cool and all, (maybe or maybe not) not particularly a fan but can't really hate someone I don't personally know. However, she is no Mary Jane! She is a wardrobe-malfunctioning cheerleader who does 'spirit fingers', but she is definitely not MJ. While Webb's renditions has it's flaws, they are not near as second-rate as Raimi's in my opinion. I could go on and on about this and bore you to tears but I will spare you the blunt criticisms.

Now there are some that glorify Raimi's rendition as the ultimate truth in the world of Spider-man O_o. Yeah,Ok, wonderful. But at least make a better argument than "oh, it was just better that's all."

Let's take a toll! Tell me why you chose who you chose in the comments below! I will determine my next article by the winner.


Who did it best?


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