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So i managed to watch I.Frankenstein and i have to admit it was different to other versions of Frankenstein films I've seen.

The one major thing i loved about this film was that it had GARGOYLES.... YES GARGOYLES I've always wanted GARGOYLES to be in a film (main cast wise) as it's different to the usual typical cliché horror monsters such as vampires, zombies, mummy's etc. It's a breath of fresh air in the monster world.

  Bad Ass Monsters
Bad Ass Monsters

OK so more about the film, Frankenstein's character was super bad ass the way he fights and survives also how he's protected by the Gargoyles and even they are bad ass. I love how when they change into human form, they cover themselves with their wings and re-open them and there you go human form!

The only one thing i might have a problem with is that doesn't Frankenstein have to look a little deformed as in specially his facial body parts have to look mismatched? Because this Frankenstein only had smaller scars compared to others? That's the only thing that kinda made me think! Unlike 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein' where 'Robert De Niro' looks more deformed and has bigger scars. Well maybe it's just me, he's a modern day Frankenstein so can't complain.

  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Robert De Niro
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Robert De Niro

Visually the film was amazing but the story line could of been a lot better, not much going on when you only have Demons after a book to re-create a Frankenstein of their own for souls to go into! Ah well the film was satisfying to watch.

What's your take on Frank?


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