ByMorten Løke, writer at
Producer, director and writer
Morten Løke
An upcoming Nordic thriller/horror feature with an edge, sophisticated plot and an intellectual twist.
A troubled man discovers that the building where he works was used as an Institution for blind children 70 years ago, and that his relatives were part of abusing the children haunting different firms in the establishment. Maybe the solution to all of his personal problems isn’t out there where he has focused all his energy! The path to the right state of mind, which may lead to his success, could in fact be existing within The Institution!
The film is developed by Morten Loke in collaboration with Lloyd Tony Brown. Loke made Norway's first splatter movie Bread and Circus that sold to 14 countries. Loke is currently working on a motion capture movie with John Goodman, Kathleen Turner and Bryce Dallas Howard. To know more about the director, the project, the crowdfunding campaign take a look at the sales-pitch followed up with a pilot on Youtube:

They are looking to crowd fund a significant amount and use that finance to gain momentum on the rest against future pre-sales, and or/investors - help fund and own shares in the movie on

Here is the full pilot without the salespitch

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