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So this is like my first post so don't hate on me now.

(SPOILERS! Continue at your own risk!)

The Amazing Spiderman was pretty awesome, huh? Well for some, my brother included, will and are shaken up over Gwen Stacy's death (shocking!). For those that don't know what happened...The Green Goblin threw Gwen off a clock tower, Spidey shot his webbing, broke her fall (but an unexpected event happened) and he also broke her.

Sucks, I know! It also had to happen, but not necessarily now...I personally think it could have waited. What do you guys think?

The final moments also feature a scene with Harry, now in his own cell in Ravencroft, taking a call from The Gentleman otherwise known as Mr. Fiers (whom we all remember from his appearance at the end of the first film.) Harry is looking better — we can assume that the Goblin suit equalized his condition enough so that he could be functional — and he talks about putting together a team to beat Spider-Man. Important phrasing in this short scene: “I want to keep it small.” Without question, this is our introduction to the Sinister Six, as we then see The Gentleman start to peruse the goods in the special lab section of Oscorp (key among them: Doc Ock’s arms, Vulture’s wings, and the Rhino suit.) Harry suggests recruiting Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti), the Russian thug that we saw Spider-Man chasing down in the beginning of the film. The conclusion of the film finds Spidey making a comeback in a stand-off against Sytsevich, who has now become Rhino.

Now your probably saying whats the title got to do with this.. Well the mid-credits scene features a part from X-Men: Days of Future Past, which shows:

Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, along with Havok (Lucas Till) and Toad (Evan Jonigkeit) breaking into a Vietnamese camp and attacking the forces of William Stryker (Josh Helman). It doesn’t really drop any big hints about the film, but it does its job just fine.

(the Amazing Spiderman director) Marc Webb had an existing contract with Fox to direct another film. But after the success of the first Spidey in 2012, Webb was forced into negotiations, which put him in a bit of hot water with Fox. Eventually, Webb was allowed to go do the film under the condition that he would promote Fox’s X-Men essentially for free.

Thank you Entertainment Weekly for those quotes.

Most comic fans, including myself, are desperately waiting for Marvel to buy back their sold characters. But maybe they already have and we don't know about it...Or maybe they can workout a deal just like Marc did. What do you think? How long will it be until they buy em' again? Sound off in the comments.

I have not seen the movie yet, so tell me what you liked and didn't like about it.


Whats your favorite series of Marvel movies?


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