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Jerome Maida

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 got off to a strong start yesterday, though it was a step down from previous installments in the esteemed franchise.

According to BoxOfficeMojo:

"The fifth Spider-Man movie—and second in the reboot series—earned an estimated $35.5 million on Friday. That includes $8.7 million from late Thursday shows."

"That's not quite the biggest opening day of the year so far, as that honor still belongs to last month's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' ($36.9 million). It is almost identical to the first 'Amazing Spider-Man', which earned $35.9 million on a Tuesday (that includes Monday night previews)."

"It fares much worse when compared to the Sam Raimi 'Spider-Man' movies, which had two outings open on the first weekend of May. The original opened to $39.4 million in 2002, while 'Spider-Man 3' earned $59.8 million in 2007."

"There are still a wide range of possibilities for the weekend. On the low end, it could following 'Iron Man 2''s pattern and wind up with $89 million. The high end is 'Thor: The Dark World''s pattern, which would put it at $95 million."

'It will likely do above-average business with family audiences, though that may not be enough to combat so-so reviews (55 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and word-of-mouth ("B+" CinemaScore). Our best guess is that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finishes the weekend with around $93 million.'

Which means "Amazing Spider-Man 2" will eventually earn less than not only every preceding Spider-Man movie, but "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

Wow. Just, wow.


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