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It's that time of the month again!

Netflix is releasing more episodes of what surely will be some of your favorite TV shows. So, try not to let anyone spoil your weekends this month; you might want to take a few of them off to stream and stream and stream.

Without further ado, here is the full list of shows heading to Netflix throughout this month:

Psych (Season 7)

When is it available: Began on May 1st

What is it about:

Why you should watch it: Because it has everything you could ask for from a series dedicated to solving crimes, but with a comedic angle to it. It is a comedy-drama that will have you laughing out loud, while also taking you into the world of a detective (Shawn Spencer, portrayed by James Roday) who ostensibly has psychic abilities so great that they help him solve any case. "PSYCH!" Also, Gus (or "Super Smeller," as Spencer calls him) just can't stop eating! He makes me hungry almost every time I see him eating.

Top Gear (Series 20)

When is it available: May 4th

What is it about:

Why you should watch it: Because it is a bunch of people driving and crashing their way around the earth in a bunch of expensive, dangerous, but much-desirable cars. If the trailer above does not get your undivided attention, then you clearly must not be too big a fan of cars, or people doing all sorts of stunts with them.

Royal Pains (Season 5)

When is it available: May 8th

What is it about:

Why you should watch it: Because it appears like Hank (Mark Feuerstein) is in a world of trouble during season five, and the tables might just have turned - someone may have to save him. He's done plenty good for the less fortunate of the Hamptons, so he is deserving.

American Dad! (Season 8)

When is it available: May 11th

What is it about:

Why you should watch it: Because... umm, well... okay, this one seems hilarious, but quite creepy, too. To be honest, I have never seen this series. But judging from the season premiere preview above, fans of Family Guy (myself included) should take a liking to it. Looks like American dad is up to no good, though. I can only hope that real American fathers out there do not take cues from the one in this show; tying someone you find attractive to a bed is not the way to get his/her attention. But for TV purposes, that does seems quite comical.

Scandal (Season 3)

When is it available: May 17th

What is it about:

Why you should watch it: Because, who the heck is Rowan? And, because it is amazing! A political thriller that has so many interesting twists and turns that it will leave you with no choice but to continue watching excitedly. Season three had to be cut short due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy, but it still garnered record audiences for the series. Both the season premiere and the season finale accumulated a total of 10.5 million viewers; both ratings up significantly from the season two premiere and finale.

Derek (Season 2)

When is it available: May 20th

What is it about:

Why you should watch it: Because Ricky Gervais is absolutely brilliant as Derek, a care worker in a home for the elderly. Derek can be goofy; in fact, he has a knack for displaying a level of naivety (so to speak) that is mostly seen with young children. He can appear to be unintelligent, at times. And, he is not the most good-looking fellow around. These qualities of his often lead to other people making fun of him, and wanting to marginalize him. However, no one that truly knows Derek can deny how warm-hearted, kind and brave he is. To him, those three personality traits are much more important than being handsome or smart. Some of the things he does are outrageously funny, but his intentions are pure, which is why he is a helper at a home for the elderly.

So, there you have the full lineup of TV shows that Netflix will begin streaming this month. As always, please feel free to discuss anything in regards to any of the shows mentioned above in the comments section below, including which ones excite you the most and which ones displease you the most.


Which of these shows will you be watching first?

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