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Nolan Dykstra

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now in theaters. I just saw it last night and let me say, it's definitely worth seeing, I would definitely recommend it. Now to my review, there's a lot to cover, it's a very ambitious film, packed with subplots and characters with potential for later films, so my points might be a bit scattered, so bare with me.

After the first Amazing Spider-Man (2011), we knew that this new series would take the character and his world and the villains to a new level, and the sequel definitely shows that. The scope of this movie was very big, much bigger that the first, and a lot bigger than the original Spiderman 2 ever thought of being. The Villains are piling up and the stakes are higher than ever.

To start out we have Electro a.k.a Max Dillon, played by Jamie Foxx, while the character was very badass in the movie after he got his powers. In the beginning of the film, he's obviously a lonely guy, who wants nothing more than to be noticed, and for his work to be appreciated. That's why he looks up to Spider-Man, he's his idol. While there's nothing wrong with him wanting that, his personality and his duologue was almost comedic, it was overdone.

Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin, I was pretty happy with, he did a good job, even if it did take awhile to see past James Franco's portrayal of the character.

And Rhino, not really much to say about him as he was only in the movie for like 4 minutes. That being said, the character was very underused and deserved a little more screentime. His character showed up for like one minute at the end of the film, but it would have seemed completely pointless had Harry Osborn not told the mysterious character from the post credit scene in the first film, that he wants to start a small team to defeat Spider-Man, and Rhino is his first pick! But we will get to see him in action again in the upcoming Sinister Six movie, which brings me to:

Alistair Smythe (B.J. Novak). If you've ever seen the 90's Spider-Man cartoon, then you know that Smythe is the creator of many of the King Pin's weapons and robots. I was very happy to find out that he was going to make an appearance in this film. This is just my theory, but I'm willing to bet he is the mastermind behind the suits that are made for the Sinister Six villains, which are in the Special Projects level of Oscorp. You can see how they are preparing for the Sinister Six movie, adding all of these villains, even if they are only in the film for a short period of time.

The film itself is visually very cool, the action scenes are fantastic and well choreographed, the soundtrack was... interesting. The diologue was a bit forced, but I can live with that. Marc Webb, the Director, mentioned in a featurette that they were trying to go for a more playful vibe for Spider-Man, which, as I watched the film, I was not happy with. Swinging around the city and shooting his webbing without his suit on where anyone can see him, makes his character seem very careless. A large aspect of the film is his on-again, off-again relationship with Gwen Stacy. After the death of her father in the first film, Peter is determined to keep her safe, and not let his other life get her into trouble. That's why his carelessness with his powers makes no sense.You see him and Gwen together all throughout the movie while he is in his suit. Someone is going to make the connection sooner or later. That person is Harry. Big Spoiler next, be warned.

After Harry becomes the Goblin, he finds Gwen and Spider-Man after he has defeated Electro (for now), and he puts together that Peter is Spider-Man and captures Gwen. Long story short, they fight, Gwen falls, Peter trys to catch her with his webbing... and she breaks her spine and dies.

Now I know in the comics this is close to the way she dies and I'm all for them staying close to the comics. But it shocked me that she died, I was really surprised by this it made the ending really sad and heavy. But we do already know that Mary Jane is planned to be in the next installment. Her part in this film was cut for some reason I can't remember, but my guess was that the film was a bit too long.

The last thing I want to mention was the way the film was put together. The director and producers of this film did NOT do a good job putting the scenes together. While the events happen in the right order, they feel randomly placed and disconnected. But it had a good opening, a strong climax, and a powerful ending.

Overall, this was a good continuation of the story they began in the first film. It definitely has it's flaws, and a strange style, it was a very ambitious movie, trying to build a larger world isn't easy. But it was visually and cinematically very cool. It will be a good lead in for the Sinister Six film, I'm sure of it. If you haven't already seen it, I would recommend it, it's definitely worth seeing.


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