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Movie fans are an ask-y bunch. If they have a movie or franchise that really talks to them on a special level, they will move heaven and earth to try to get a sequel or continuation to it. They will E-Mail, comment, make fan-films, write fan fictions, do all kinds of stuff. Lots of times it's great, sometimes it's not. Then there's comic book movie fans. These people don't only do that, but they put more effort and quality into it than anybody else. If they want something, they let nothing stand in there way of it. While many people view them as geeks for wanting stuff like that so badly, they really should get pounds of respect instead. But sometimes they forget for a moment that they're talking to Hollywood. When it comes to an idea you want Hollywood to make into a film, you don't always know what you're asking for.

If it's changing from the source material, watering the film down, or just making an all-together horrible film, a lot can go wrong in the industry. Then where are we left? More unhappy than when we had nothing. Keep two things in mind while you read this article: the first, it might get a bit narcissistic at times. Due to the nature of what I'm writing, you may interpret it as me being spiteful at certain things. But don't worry, I love these films and I want a lot of them to happen just as much as you guys. But in the right way. The second thing: I can't tell the future. I could be totally wrong about some of these and they could end up being great movies. It's just a prediction.

1.) Marvel's Civil War

After a tragic accident involving a self-combustible mutant, a superhero team fighting said mutant, and a loaded School Bus caught in the crossfire, a new initiative is put into movement. Lead by Tony Stark, and at times Maria Hill, the Superhuman Registration Act is introduced to the public. Super Heroes must register and turn over their secret identities to the public, or become wanted fugitives and be hunted down by the government; all in the hope of creating peace, of course. What could go wrong with that? Well, for starters Captain America forms a rebellion against the movement. Then Stark begins gathering villains to hunt down that rebellion. Then they more or less go to war. It's an epic, and enjoyably long story arc that has a special place in my ( and many other people's ) heart. But Hollywood would most likely go one of two ways with it.

The first path: smother it to death. They can try to cram in so much stuff in the hopes of pleasing fans, that they want the plot line of an arc that stretches over dozens of issues into just two hours. Which cannot be done. The Avengers excelled at this because they had their priorities straight on what needed what amount of time. But can you do that with nearly 3 times as many characters? With this pathway, most likely none of the characters will get enough spotlight to be properly developed through the story or even be interesting. Can you imagine a civil war movie where Cap and Stark don't get enough spotlight? Maybe those characters would get enough, but that would certainly leave most of the others in the dark. Then scenes and conflicts would be moved through so fast that they don't seem nearly as major as they should.

The second option: Gut it like a fish. Take out all the less important stuff, minimize the less important characters, and adapt the storyline so it's shorter and can fit the time frame. Certainly the better of the two options. But this will leave people whose favorite characters have been left out of this film, and will ultimately leave much to be desired. And if stuff is left out of this film, there's a good chance it will never be remade into another film due to the fear of retreading common territory, so we'll never see those elements of film ever. It would be literally impossible to please everybody, maybe even majority. Then, oh yeah, what was it? You mean at least 6 industries have the Marvel characters divided among them, so it would take one of the most complex contracts ever to make this movie? And would require a huge amount of screen time just to explain why they've never met before? Either that or they only use the Disney owned characters, but this brings us back to option 2. It just can't work out.

2.) Iron Man 4

To be honest, I'm not even following along with the desire for why this should be a film. A lot of people seem to want it, but I've only seen a single reason as to why. People say they don't want Iron Man's finale and farewell film to be shared with the other characters of MCU, and that's perfectly understandable. We need a personal and singular farewell to Tony. Which is kinda what we had in Iron Man 3. I'm not really sure how to solve this problem though. Iron Man 3 gave us the most personal and emotional Iron Man film yet, and more or less gave us the perfect way to let the character retire. But he's still coming back 2 more times. Marvel kinda did this one to themselves. By the time Avengers 3 is out and Tony is done with the group thing, people may call it time for a finale film. But he'll be...what, 55 by then? Roughly. Do we want a 55 year old Tony Stark flying around? Honestly, sure, why not. But a lot can change in that stretch of time. He can slowly lose his Tony Stark look and attitude, we can lose interest in the character, or a variety of options. But what if the film is bad? What if Iron Man 3 was our perfect farewell to Tony, and when they try one more time they totally miss? With 2/3 of the Iron Man trilogy being generally considered good, it's a risky bet. Do we want our farewell to Tony to be sour? Could another film surpass Iron Man 3?

3.) Green Lantern Reboot

I'll admit I was at one point on board with this. Then I realized what exactly it would mean. It would mean that in less than a decade after the last film, Green Lantern is being started over. We know how peoples reactions were to that kind of thing when it was done to Hulk and Spider-Man: negative. And from the Batman side of things, people are less than thrilled as well. But they could choose a new main character, right? Then...who? Kyle, John, Guy? We have many options. Hal wasn't really criticized for being the director's choice last time around because he was the first Lantern in the comics. But now it's kinda fair ground, and whoever's chosen will leave other people upset. Then you have to either retread plot lines from the last film, which also upsets people apparently, or you explain it hastily and risk confusing people. Then it could all end up like the last film with it's less-than-stellar CGI, lack of alien characters, and pathetic battle scenes. It took longer to fight the side-villain than the overshadowing main villain, even. No matter what path this movies takes, just like Civil War, it will leave certain groups of the fandom ticked. Anyways, we don't truly need one, we can just explain what a Green Lantern is in the Justice League movie then have him fly on down.

4.) Batman Vs. Superman

This title really has come to fit the movie less and less each day. Now we have Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Nightwing, and Flash. Possible additions include Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and more. This is the Justice League film we've been wanting, everybody. But it's not. They've confirmed, besides for Supes, Bats, and Night Wing, that the other characters will only appear in their human identities. So...we have all these characters in a film together, yet have to wait another year or two to seem them actually help out? Could we just have them show up in Justice League, or maybe have some spin-off films? Nope, gotta cram it in while it's still popular. I do love these characters and I am incredibly eager to have them show up in a movie, but I don't necessarily want it all to be in the same movie and for the most part only have it teasing their existence or powers. With Affleck's recent trend of bad acting concerning people, Man of Steel's so/so reception, and DC's obvious obsession with catching up to Marvel taking over their film direction, it could be a catastrophe ( and a packed one at that ) in the making. Also, who thought it was a good idea to have Zack Snyder be the guy to introduce Batman? The dude who makes action-fiestas such as Man of Steel and 300 is going to introduce the World's Greatest Detective? I don't have lack of faith in him as a director, I personally enjoyed his take on Superman, but I don't see it as a good fit for a less flying and explosion-y character.

5.) Shazam

Shazam is about a teenager named Billy who meets a magical ancient man with the power of the gods, who gives them all to Billy. Billy then gains the ability to scream Shazam and become a ripped adult with a cloak who's basically a god himself. Then the spurned apprentice of Billy's new master shows up, who's named Black Adam, to get revenge. Let's be honest here, do I need to explain how painfully bad this could end up being in a live action adaption? I get the character has a good fanbase, and the few comics I've read with him were pretty cool, but imagine it. The kid running up, screaming Shazam, getting hit by lighting then a cloaked dude flying out. It could be a great, if somewhat campy, film. Or it could be a trainwreck. My money is currently on the latter, especially if Dwayne Johnson is Adam like people are guessing. If it's done right, it'll be very good. If it's done wrong, it is going to be painful.

6.) Deadpool

Deadpool is my third favorite Marvel character and in my top ten of comic characters. I make an effort to go and get his comics, bought his game, and went to Origins specifically to see him. So with that in mind, don't think this is me ripping on the character. For my reasoning on this one, look at the Deadpool video game and his most recent appearance on Ultimate Spider-Man. We can either get a film circling around a Deadpool who won't stop throwing out jokes that aren't as funny as the ones in the comics, or we can get a watered down version who is just fully unenjoyable. We will probably get one of these if the film is made, because it's clear that Hollywood doesn't understand Deadpool. The funny yet gritty super-assassin who travels the world getting into bloody and wacky adventures and battling other Marvel characters. For starters, he won't get to meet any of the Avengers characters and probably not Wolverine. Second, his humor will either be so constant that it's annoying, not as funny as in the comics which leaves an empty feeling at the end, or too socially acceptable to be coming from his mouth at all. Or it could be just right, who knows. Next, we'll have the whiny not-fans complaining about it. They'll say "It's an X-Men film but it's so inappropriate, I can't believe I took my 8 year old to it!", "How could Marvel make something so nasty, I never want to see another Marvel film and the studio should die!", or "This isn't a real superhero film, it's a disgrace and is made for immature losers!". Do we want that filling up our Facebook newsfeed? Or possibly even worse, Deadpool could become even more mainstream than the internet has made him. I'm right on the verge of disliking the character simply because other people are ruining him for me, and I'm scared that it'll go even further than it has. I'm hanging in there though and I'm rooting for this film to show up one day, hopefully with Ryan Reynolds in the role. I respect the character and want to see a good live action version of him, but so far I am becoming more and more concerned what it will actually end up being. They hardly let Wolverine draw blood on someone else, why would they go full-out for Deadpool?

7.) Spider-Man Reboot Reboot

In my opinion, the "Worst Opinion of the Year in Film" goes to all those people who say they should reboot Spider-Man again. First of all, just because they reboot it once doesn't mean they've done it constantly and you have a reason to joke about it. Second of all, it will only serve the purpose of giving those same people more reason to complain. Let me try to explain their logic. They are angry there's a new Spider-Man reboot. They end up not liking the reboot, either because it's bad or because it's a reboot. They want a reboot. There's not logic there, it'll just make them more angry. So maybe this part is more about me complaining about the logic of the film than the film itself, so let me say: We really don't need another one. I feel like so far the Amazing Spider-Man series has got it right for the most part.

8.) Fantastic Four/X-Men

If we're ever going to have a cross-series Superhero team up film, this will probably be it. Fox has managed to contain two Superhero teams in their contract with Marvel, and from the sound of it they plan to use that to their advantage. With a more mature Fantastic Four film coming our way, Days of Futures Past opening up multiple timelines, and desire among the audiences, we could actually get this. Let me just expel for a moment what it could mean. To finally have two teams of heroes from different series of films team up on screen could be as monumental as having Batman and Superman show up together. It's huge, and it could motivate other companies to do the same. But it really shouldn't happen with these two teams. For starters, what do they really have in common? One team fights for Mutant rights, fights mutants trying to harm humanity, and spend free time teaching a mansion full of kids how to use their powers. The other team lives in an apartment complex, fight random supervillains who show up, and ( from what we saw in the last film ) are far more popular with the public. So maybe they could just so happen to go after the same villain, then become friends? Sure, but why? Why does it need to happen, just because the company has both of them? It would really just be for the money. If you count the times the two teams team up in comics, I'm sure it's less than 30. And 30 being the most. Or maybe I'm just pulling that number out of my butt, that's also plausible. Spider-Man has more likely of a chance to team up with either of them anyhow, why not finally suck it up and have him join? No, that's ridiculous.

9.) Spider-Man/Avengers

This would have been such a great idea, and I would have been so fully 100% on board with it...3 years ago. Spider-Man is a constant and loved member of the New Avengers in the comics, and has pretty buddy relationships with both Iron Man and Captain America. Iron Man even made him a suit once. Having some dorky-kinda loner teenager showing up and matching intellect with Tony and Bruce, completely blindsiding all the others would be priceless. And just the chemistry Andrew Garfield could pull off with them, alongside countless one-liners, would be great. But then a huge alien invasion happened. This is a missed opportunity guys. If he ever shows up, they would have to explain where he was in the alien invasion, why no one in Queens gives a care about that invasion, why he never showed up to help any of the other Avengers at any point, why none of the Avengers showed up to help him at any point, and why the Avengers just let Oscorp ( a company extremely suspiciously evil ) run around experimenting. It makes no real sense to have them together anymore, it would only open a novels-worth of plot holes. If someone there was an explanation, like if Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 didn't happen in real-time along the other films and they began incorporating him in time to have him show up, then I'd be on board.

10.) X-Men Origins: Magneto

This is X-Men: First Class.

Sorry if any of you ended up bothered by my opinions from this list, but please don't take them to heart and think about it for a bit. If you end up still wanting these, then cool, but if as well? Anyways, please feel free to throw out any names of movies you don't exactly want, movies that you do want, or if you just want to counter my opinions, feel free. I'd love to hear from you guys.


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