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Matt Stevanus

What is it about comic fans that either absolutely love or completely despise a particular comic publisher? No one really knows exactly and it probably depends on the person you ask. Some say DC characters are overpowed and some say Marvel heroes are too wimpy. It really depends on how you look at things.

I for one, like both Marvel and DC both. I like the heroes of DC more, however, Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character of all time. I love Iron Man, Superman, Batman and Captain America, as well as Green Lantern and many others. I'm one of just a few comic book fans, really.

What's my point, you ask? Well, I cannot express just how disappointed I am in the DC cinematic universe. For one, they really need to catch up to Marvel. Marvel is literally wiping the floor with DC/WB right now! Marvel is even releasing a film about a lesser known comic, with Guardians of the Galaxy coming out this August! I for one, am excited for that film, since it's starring my favorite athlete of all time, Dave Bautista!

DC hasn't even released a Flash or a Wonder Woman movie. Sure, Justice League is coming in 2017, but it may be too soon after Superman vs. Batman. The way Marvel paced their individual movies before making the Avengers was just right. DC may be rushing into making Justice League a little too soon. Let's just hope that it isn't a total flop. As for now, I'd have to go firmly with Marvel and even Sony is doing a lot better with the Spider-Man franchise.

I do want to see a DC cinematic universe come to life, I just want it done right. I want more epic movies like Man of Steel or even another Green Lantern but this time, let's actually finish the movie, shall we? Either way, I'm rooting for Batman Vs. Superman but I'm a bit worried for it and even more worried for Justice League, though I do hope Justice League is every bit as good as The Avengers!


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