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Based upon characters published by DC Comics. Through a freak accident, scientist Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is given the power of super speed, which transforms him into the Fastest Man Alive.

On May 8, it was officially known that the CW ordered a full Flash TV season. On May 14, The Flash Trailer will air with the season finale of Arrow, entitled Unthinkable. If you haven't watched Arrow lately or at all, then you have failed this city. On May 15, the schedule of [The Flash](movie:15273) show will be announced at 4 PM in the CW upfront.

1) The show was announced on July 30, 2013, just ten days after Superman/Batman was announced at SDCC.

Thought it would be an interesting detail to know because WB wouldn't just approve it knowing about this.

World's Finest
World's Finest
Flash Logo
Flash Logo
We're planning an origin story, and we'll see how it goes. We do want to expand on the DC Universe, and we felt this is a very organic way to get there.
--Mark Pedowitz

Hmmm, expand on the DC Universe he says. The Hollywood Reporter seems to be a legit source of info, as they originally knew that a Justice League movie was planned for 2017, back in August 2013. They were also told that Berlanti was developing a Flash movie for 2016. Does this make complications between the Flash show and movie?

2) Thomas Grant Gustin is Barry Allen/Flash.

Some people have been calling him Gunstin, when it should be Gustin. He is 24 and grew up in Norfolk, Virginia, so he is American (just thought that was a little important). To those who think he is a better Peter Parker, read this.

3) At least three people know that Barry Allen has powers: Hartley Rathaway, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlin Snow.

So much for a secret identity, but the Flash does need help from time to time. Caitlin and Cisco work at S.T.A.R. Labs, and have been monitoring Barry while he's been in his coma, with Felicity communicating with the two characters very often on Arrow. Hartley Rathaway is also the Pied Piper, who recently has been know to be dating Director Singh.


Cisco Ramon is:

  • Always interested in what Barry Allen does in his other life.
  • His role with the Flash is to "make his toys".
  • The golden earbolts on the Flash costume is Cisco's idea so that they could talk to him, like how Felicity talks to Oliver. The set of earbolts, which usually are in the shape of wings, is "a two-way earpiece that he modified" to withstand battlefield impulse noise. It is then Barry's idea to use metallic conductors to take the excess static buildup. Cisco wants the earbolts to be gold so that he could be FLASHY, in order to give people hope.
  • *POTENTIAL SPOILERS* At one point in the beginning of the season, the Flash defeats Samuel Scudder, who was robbing a bank, by making a similar contraption (two-way sound thing) to shatter his mirrors.
S.T.A.R. Labs
S.T.A.R. Labs

[Source: Flash Fans]

4) Accidents happen.

Accidents are never intentional - or are they?

The TV show already has car explosion and bike accident shot. For those who want a Flash movie, and believe me I do, this wonderful show shall suffice, because it is starting off with a bang--and a high budget. The super speed was said to look like the effects from Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

In clip above, Barry Allen is struck by lightning after the particle accelerator fails. This causes many families to die, a rupture in space and time, more people dying, and just a total disaster. The man to blame is S.T.A.R. Labs physicist Harrison Wells, who is played by Tom Cavanagh. Apparently, the Flash is the only good thing to happen to Central City after the debacle. He needs to be a symbol of hope.

5) Iris West is cool!

The crew called for an African-American woman and they got her! Just because her race was changed, it doesn't mean she's a totally different character. Actually, her voice is what I imagine Iris' voice to be in the comics. She's also the one that makes Barry who he is. Iris is encouraging, daring, interesting, happy, and curious. Candice Patton seems to nail all this.

If you saw The Scientist or Three Ghosts from Arrow, you know that Barry and Felicity had some sort of love going on between each other. When Iris asked if Barry made her father (Detective Joseph West) angry for no reason, Barry brings up the subject about meeting a girl, to which Iris says is great for him, since the only girl he really knows and hangs out with is her. What she doesn't know yet is that he has had a crush on her ever since Joe West took him in and raised him after Barry's parents left. Well, let's talk about Joe West now.

6) Joe West is Barry's guardian and boss.

Detective West takes young Barry Allen into his household and raises him.

Image from YVR Shoots
Image from YVR Shoots

Joe seems to be a very good father figure because like Iris, he is very encouraging. He seems to also be very understanding. Joe West is also Wally West's grandfather. Recently, DC asked their comic creators to make Wally West bi-racial, which I feel is partly due to this show. Fans have thought this to be a horrible change, but things always change, and this could be undone.

7) Pilot season is (almost all the way) done!

Working on the pilot was hard work for the actors and crew, so while they finish editing and other last minute fixes, we should appreciate their work by watching the pilot this fall.

Blake Neely, who has been composing intense music for Arrow, will be scoring the Flash as well. The real instruments are promising.

8) Reboot? Flashbacks?

Remember the polarizing show in the 1990s also called the Flash? John Wesley Shipp, the actor for the Scarlet Speedster, will play an unknown character in this show. While most people want him to play Jay Garrick, I have a big feeling that he will be Barry's imprisoned dad. It would be interesting if John Wesley Shipp reprises his role like how Star Trek from 2009 incorporated Spock-Prime into the film.

So this dude:

will be playing young Barry Allen, so like Arrow, expect flashbacks with his mother and father!

Life is locomotion... if you're not moving, you're not living. But there comes a time when you've got to stop running away from things... and you've got to start running towards something, you've got to forge ahead. Keep moving. Even if your path isn't lit... trust that you'll find your way.

Nora Allen has a lot of amazing quotes that should be intertwined with an episode situation.

My Thoughts:

Of course I'll watch this show! With Geoff Johns co-writing here and there, it has amazing potential. The effects will be pretty realistic and the plot will be as great as Arrow. Gustin offers a lot of talent as Barry Allen.


Will you be watching the Flash TV series this fall?

Some images are from YVR Shoots.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and please share!

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