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Hot damn! It's finally here, baby!

When this news released from Geektyrant I thought this was a load of bull... Well, I suppose I'm wrong because YouTube channel The Akira Project is attempting to fix this bad boy into a reality and I support them 100%! I remember reading a while back that Warner Bros. was in development (rumors said) of a live action Akira film...

Where's my Akira film WB!
Where's my Akira film WB!

Look on the bright side, perhaps it's a good thing no one from Hollywood made this Akira movie or we would get another Dragonball: Evolution or The Last Airbender. If you don't know who Akira is then you're on the wrong article. Just kidding or am I?! I'll give a brief description all about him after this behind-the-scenes teaser!

Akira Project Teaser 1 -

Also checkout (The Akira Project - Campaign Video)

Who is Akira? That's a great question for anyone to ask if want to get into the Manga series or Anime movie. First of all the story is based on neo-Tokyo (2019). It's a fantastically made cyberpunk-action film that focuses on Tetsuo Shima a teenage biker that has psychic abilities (or powers). Think of the movie Chronicle by Josh Trank it's pretty similar but I wouldn't call it a "rip off", per se.

Checkout the Akira trailer in English -

I'm ecstatic about this YouTube project, I would love to see an actual live action Japanese Akira film! If we don't get that then I'm fine with the anime, but imagine how beautiful neo-Tokyo would look and the visual effects would be so badass! I'm drooling right now at the thought of this movie coming to life, please, let me know in the comments section below with your thoughts about this fan film and if you would like a live action Akira film... Who am I kidding, I know you guys would!

And please don't make an American Akira like this!

(Source: Geektyrant and Akira-Project)


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