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I just finished watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I can simply say I was blown away by how impressive the sequel is. I enjoyed the first but it just felt like it was lacking sustenance. Yes it was a good reboot. Yes it stayed true to the character. And yes it was "Amazing" (see what I did there? haha). But, ASM2 surpassed it by far. Director Marc Webb took what worked for the first and mastered it for the second. The action was in your face. The web slinging was true to character. And there was a lot more depth to this movie. Andrew Garfield this time around was in his comfort zone and portrayed Spider Man I believe in ways that other guy couldn't. (Yes I know his name is Toby Maguire). I mean he did satisfactory because he was the first to play the web crawler, but Garfield in MY opinion is a better fit the role. Jamie Foxx did a FANTASTIC Electro. Paul Giamatti was , meh, as Rhino. I just felt his Russian acting was a bit corny. Last but not least the two main characters that I think stole the show were Dane DeHaan and Emma Stone who played Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy respectively. They were the connection to Peter and they it was perfectly executed. The broken Friendship and the Broken Relationship played on Peter's emotions to the point he almost gave up and that to me made for better story telling. So here are my likes and dislikes of the film.


- The action was on point.

- Graphics were phenomenal.

- The Relationship between Peter and Gwen had more depth and felt more real.

- The villains made sense and didn't feel like they were thrown in just for a royal rumble.

- Movie had me actually tear up at the end. It was well executed.

- Stayed true to the comics (not spoiling it for you)


- The movie seemed lacking in Fluidity between scenes. There were no easy transitions

- Rhino was mediocore at best. Very corny.

- There was no MAIN Villain. I kinda wished it was someone in the shadows working the angles rather than a couple people coming together because they disliked Spider-Man.

All in all I give this movie a solid 8.2/10. It was very enjoyable and I believe this time around it was done right. Sure it has it's flaws but the positives outweighed the negatives. GO SEE IT!


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