ByDiogo Gil, writer at
Diogo Gil

As a visual artist I'm always looking for something great and worth of be appreciated and sometimes I have the feeling that I could do something to make some of the works I see around have a diferent meaning.

Darth Vader is one of the biggest icons in the world, even people that never watched Star Wars knows him, it is very risky to work with an icon this huge and modify it as much as we did on this collaboration but the worst thing that can happen to us is to have a Star Wars fan half naked with Jar Jar Binks underpants and a plastic light saber coming to our own houses trying to kill us. (that's why I dont open my door to strangers)

I choose this day which is considered by many the Star Wars day to make a small tribute to the George Lucas character.

I hope you guys enjoy this colorfull version of Darth Vader.

Animation by: Diogo Gil / Illustration by: Ema Rogobete


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