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Becca Castillo

After watching Tuesday night's premier (well, sort of) of Bloodlines I am not expecting too much from this spin-off. Supernatural has been and always will be one of my favorite television series. But lets compare it to another television show that did a spin-off right. In the second season of The Vampire Diaries we are introduced to the original vampires. At first they are portrayed as villains but, over time, these characters become more gray and thus begins our interest into the depths of who these characters are and our encouragement to see these characters rise above and become, well, more human. For two more seasons we enjoy these characters that are the "bad guys" but have tenderness for them as well. When a spin-off series arrived for these original vampires we had already grown an attachment to them.

With that said, I have no attachment yet to the newly introduced characters of Bloodlines. The concept sounds similar to that of The Originals, which consists of different supernatural creatures fighting over the same territory. The only thing Bloodlines has going for me is that it's a spin-off of Supernatural, so naturally I will give this a try. In all actuality, a more interesting spin-off would have been about the Men of Letters. It's a concept that we as viewers were introduced to at the beginning of this current season and have had a few episodes to build upon that concept. Plus a Men of Letters spin off would have felt as if it were in the Supernatural realm. I'm not entirely sure I feel that way about Bloodlines.


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