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The TOP 5 at the US Box Office this past weekend:

1)The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - $92 Million

2)The Other Woman - $14.2 Million

3)Heaven Is For Real - $8.7 Million

4)Captain America: The Winter Soldier - $7.7 Million

5)Rio 2 - $7.6 Million

So a couple of surprises, first off I didn't expect Heaven Is For Real to still be in the top 5, I at least expected Captain America to be at number 3.

So I guess we should talk about Spider-Man 2! I loved the movie, but it didn't open to the greatest of responses from critics or audiences. It was very mixed. I did expect it to beat Captain America: The Winter Soldier's opening which I believe was around $94 Million, so it looks like people are team MARVEL over team Spidey! I loved both movies and $92 Million is still something to brag about!

I expected The Other Woman to be lower in the top 5 but you can always count on a comedy, especially one prominently featuring women to make big bucks.

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