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Doctor Who is no doubt one of my favorite shows that I've ever watched. After watching the rebooted series at least 4 times and finding what episodes I could of the old show off of Netflix, I still feel the longing for more. I know there's online adventures, various comics series', and even novels. I've read a few of these but it's not the same without seeing it before you. I want more Doctor Who in my life, and I know I'm not close to being alone at that. But an American Doctor Who series as become somewhat of a taboo subject since it's re-rise to popularity. But why? There's is more than a few reasons as to why it could work great, and I've collected...well, obviously 5 of them to share with you. Please do keep in mind I know more than a few reasons as to why this show could also painstakingly fail and ruin someone's day, and maybe those reasons are enough to counter the pros. You'll have to decide for yourself.

1.) More Doctor Who

As stated in my first paragraph, I know I'm not alone when I want more Doctor Who. Of course, most people would no doubt prefer more of the already established Doctor Who franchise instead of a new one. I want more of that too, especially if it means some more of the Ninth Doctor ( my personal favorite ). But in truth, there is quite a lot of content for it. As in novels, comics, audio-stories and more. So if they keep adding more content to that, eventually it may get a bit full. The last thing any of us want is a time travel franchise with some blaring plot holes, which it has masterfully avoided up to this point. So maybe, in hope to avoid something along those lines, a second series would allow some of those expanded universe tales to be moved over to the Western side. From there, authors and directors could start from a clean plate and have to worry far less about messing up the continuity. It would not only allow heaps of more content, but also take the stress off of those actually providing said content. Kind of a win-win in that certain ball park. Of course, if those stories were made under a North American banner, many die-hard fans of the show ( including most of Britain ) may purposefully avoid it. That is an obvious risk of making a remake of an already running show, but in Doctor Who's case it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Anyways though, it would open an opportunity for loads of new fans, which brings me to my next point.

2.) People are Closeminded

People really are. I'm not calling people racist or purist, but people are closeminded. There is not a single doubt in my head that if an American Version of the show ever went into production, it would be protested and hated by a ton of people. That's simply because it's made by new people, in a new country, and the fact the show is still on today. I'm not pulling this point out of nowhere, this is a reason being specifically used by people when the subject comes up, so it really is a concern. But America has lots of quality television these days ( to be fair it has quite a lot of junk as well ) and may be able to hold up to the UK's standard, even with people no doubt criticizing it every step of the way. But with all these people refusing to accept it, it lets a whole ocean's worth of new fans come in. Being closeminded can have two sides, as in people who refuse to watch Doctor Who because it's British made and for some reason that throws them off. I'm not calling anybody out with this, but there is people with this thought process. Not necessarily racism of any sorts, they just don't see the point in going over to foreign television when there is so much quality TV from their homeland. Every country has people like that, it's a fact of life, kind of like you preferring the Football team from your hometown. But with an American version, that would no longer be a problem. It would introduce those kinds of American audiences to Doctor Who and give them a first chance at seeing the show, which all people should deserve. It's a great show after all.

3.) Lets New Fans Relive Old Adventures

More or less, this is my main argument for this. Similar to how people would not want to watch a show from another country, they may not want to watch a show which is decades old either. I was definitely iffy on it going in, yet still found it to be very enjoyable. I know some people who have not felt the same way though. The show definitely shows it's made from another time period with certain aspects aging better than others, and for many, can be found to be a bit ridiculous. That's simply because they didn't have the same special effects and technology back then, but it's still a genuine point. Lot's of people don't want to sit through something so aged, no matter the quality of it. Then if you go far enough back, specifically the first 2 Doctors, you will find a ton of the episodes have been lost awhile back. Yet another problem with aged shows: gaps in the actual show itself. All this can make it a bit hard to get the full enjoyment out of the show and it's stories, and I don't see the UK wanting to make a remake of the show in the same country while the main show is on...that'd be confusing. So that's when America could pop in and retell the classic stories, of course with some amount of variation, and let modern audiences know how it went down in the later 1900's. The classic stories really are great, and some could be called Sci-Fi art. I love the ones I've either seen or read about, but wonder every time what they would look like with today's technology. Of course a remake of the show could go it's own ways with it's own stories, and most likely should, but it could at least bring aspects and characters from the old shows in.

4.) Brings more Revenue to the British Version

5.) America is Filled with Great Actors


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