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Before I go any further, I need to explain to J.K Rowling's lawyers that, no, I am not suggesting the Harry Potter author is in fact a self-loathing and emotionally reluctant serial killer. Far from it. However, the reclusive writer has recently taken to Twitter to express some remorse at massacring many of her franchises beloved characters. With this in mind, expect spoilers for the rest of the article.

Rowling isn't exactly known for her prolific Tweeting profile, but on Friday she felt compelled to celebrate a very somber anniversary - The Battle of Hogwarts. She tweeted:

Of course, I'm sure it goes without saying that the final book, and final film, of the Harry Potter franchise featured a rather climatic magical-showdown at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With all those wands going off, people were bound to get killed, but I think few of us expected Rowling to kill quite so many of Hogwarts' students and faculty.

At least she accepts it has just as hard to write their deaths as it was to read about them.

What was the most painful Harry Potter death for you? Let us know below.


Which was the most painful death to read at the Battle of Hogwarts?

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