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With The Amazing Spider Man 2 already in theatres; at least two sequels on the horizon; and a number of spin offs and cross overs already in the works, Marc Webb's film had a responsibility to blow Sony's Marvel universe wide open.

The director and his writing team managed to drop a whole host of Easter eggs into their finished feature and marketing campaign and we've got no less than 16 of these for you to gorge on today. It's quite a list, so we had better pull up our socks and get to it:

A viral tumblr wink in the top right corner
A viral tumblr wink in the top right corner

1. The Daily Bugle

Peter Parker's print employers were nowhere to be seen in The Amazing Spiderman so the above image, which only featured in the trailer, was to be the newspaper's first bow. A viral advertising campaign and some emails between Peter and his editor-to-be subsequently fleshed it out.

2. Rhino's boxers

The villain's elegant undergarments hinted at a certain regard for the species.

3. Russian mobster

Oh, and when Systevich is fully dressed he bears a certain resemblance to the track suited “Bros” in Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, who are all members of the Russian mob.

4. The Vault

Systevich ultimately lands in 'The Vault', one of the Marvel Universe's security prisons, well known for its supervillain breakouts.

5. The Oscorp filing system

When Harry is scrolling the files on his Dad's computer we get a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment when a folder marked "Dr. Mobius File" appears.

As calls it:

In the comics, Morbius is an anti-hero who first appeared as a straight villain in 1971. A scientist whose experiments backfired and transformed him into a vampire, he’s found himself squaring off against Spider-Man, Blade and others over the years.

Further explaining the possibilities of the role, they go on to state that:

Morbius is a former Oscorp employee in the comics who becomes a vampire after researching a rare blood disease. This is his second Marvel movie tease but the first one to actually make it all the way to the screen, as he appears in the alternate ending to Blade.

6. The 60's theme song

Peter Parker unashamedly had the old TV theme tune as his ringtone in the movie, even before Garfield's Tonight Show appearance, but this wasn't the first time it made it to the screen...

Raimi played it far stranger back in 2004 for his Spiderman 2:

Bonus Importance of being Earnest sight gag too. Oh Sam...

7. The power grid

The experimental Oscorp power grid gave Electro an origin story but could it also spawn Hydro-Man sometime in the future?

8. Was that Sandman?

When a reporter is doing a vox pop on Spidey for the news, a man with a green and blue striped shirt appears. Could that be a reference to Sandman?

9 & 10. Doctor Octopus and The Vulture

The pair are already on their way to the series with the Sinister Six film basically confirmed but all that aside, while it shouldn't come as much of a surprise, it was still a treat to see Vulture's wings and Dr. Oc's harness in the Oscorp facility.

11. Venom

In the Morbius filing system their was also a reference to a facility for 'Venom'. This is reportedly in connection with the Spiderman venom but we know the spin off is coming so why not get excited anyway.

12. Holy crap, it's Stan Lee!

Lee, of course, made his usual appearance, this time at Peter and Gwen's graduation.

13. Further cameos

Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) and Alistair Smythe (Spider-Slayers inventor) appear in brief cameos too. Teases galore.

14. The Raimi films

Webb even squeezed in a Raimi reference too. As one Redditer shrewdly observed:

Did anyone else catch that reference to the Tobey Maguire Spider-man movies? When Peter was searching ‘What is Roosevelt?’ The computer showed a picture of a gondola with big red letters on its side saying ‘Roosevelt’. In the first Tobey Maguire spider-man movie he saves a bunch of kids who were in the same gondola.

15. Ravencroft

The psychiatric hospital is known in the comics for hosting Carnage, Shriek, Carrion, Vermin, Chameleon, Massacre and Venom to name but a few.

16. Gwen Stacy's outfit

Emma Stone dons the outfit Stacy was wearing in the comics when she died at the hands of Green Goblin.

And that's the lot


Spot anything else in there? Please educate us all in the comments below.

Big props to for their tireless efforts.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is in theatres now.


Which of these teases are you pumped for the most?


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