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Note: If you haven't seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 yet, there are some minor SPOILERS below.

So by now, odds are you've seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Odds are, also, that you caught one of the trailers for the film that were everywhere in the lead up to its release.

The question is, did you notice the crucial, film-altering differences?

Much like an elaborate, nationwide game of spot-the-difference, the Amazing Spider-franchise seems to be fond of raising plot lines in the trailers that then never appear in the theatrical release.

Try this trailer on for size, and you'll see what we mean:

All that stuff that seemed strangely new? That's because it didn't make it into the final film.

Harry Osborn revealing to Peter Parker that he's under surveillance by Oscorp, with the last line hook of "Isn't that the question of the day"? Not in the movie.

May Parker telling Peter that not only secrets have a cost, but that "the truth does too"? Not in the movie.

In fact, almost the whole plot thread about Peter's father's secrets and his links to Oscorp - which the trailer makes it seem is basically what the movie is about? Not in the movie.

All of which means one of two things - either the film had an entire subplot's worth of scenes cut out of it, or every one of us has an extremely fuzzy memory.

As has been suggested elsewhere, the loss of the scenes actually allows the movie to stay true to what seems to have been director Marc Webb's intended focus - Peter's relationships with both Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy. This was what apparently explained the absence of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, and is, it would seem, at least part of the reasoning behind dropping so many scenes from the trailer.

What do you guys think? Should they have left the scenes in? Some people certainly think so. Let me know below!


Would you have liked to have seen the plot-line that was taken out of the movie?



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